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6th November 02

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Apple Mac OS amongst least vulnerable to attack
Since Mac OS has a relatively low visibility, we naturally expect the attacks on Mac OS to be occurring in lower numbers. However, according to our news release from 31st October, attacks on Mac OS systems are less (0.05%) pro rata than what would be expected by solely taking "the security by obscurity" issue into account.


25th October 02

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Denial of Service Attack on Root DNS Servers on 21st October
The Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack started at about 21:00 GMT and lasted for a few hours. Nine out of thirteen root DNS servers were affected by the DDoS. Business interruption was minimal. The most probable motivation for the DDoS attack is discussed.


14th November 01

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Asymmetric Warfare - Business Continuity in the Face of Terrorism
1. Our way of life in the interlinked world is much more vulnerable than ever before
2. Terrorism is a sophisticated activity and has to be dealt with strategically
3. Post the collapse of the Soviet Union, terrorism could continue to fill the power vacuum
4. Modern life is susceptible to terrorism as a blunt expression of conflict and protest
5. There are specific and collective counter-measures, which we can put in place to mitigate the threat to our way of life.


22nd October 01

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The World Beyond 11th September - Focus on Asymmetric Warfare
Any threat, which is disproportionate, such as the risk of a small group attacking a large country or a few individuals killing thousands is described as asymmetric.
In the 21 st century, asymmetric warfare is going to be multi-dimensional. It will be fought on land, on the seas, in air and outer space as well as through cyberspace.


8th October 01

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The Digital Retaliation to US and UK Bombardment
The NATO-Serbia conflict was the first chronicled war to demonstrate cyber warfare in retaliation to US and UK led aerial bombardment. Retaliation from hackers sympathetic to the Taleban and Al-Qaeda network is expected to follow a similar pattern.


25th September 01

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The Business World Beyond 11th September 2001
Initial estimates suggest the overall cost of the tragedy will be between USD 30 bn to USD 50 bn. Considerable time may be required in order to refine these estimates.
Reinsurance rates are set to rise by 30% to 40% impacting insurance rates for Property and Casualty insurance. Insurance cover for airlines is rising by 400% to 1000% forcing governments to intervene. Even before the incident, prices were firming in the insurance industry.


12th September 01

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11th September Attack on Financial Markets and Defence Facilities
A financial services system rarely consists of just computers. Both people and computers together form the critical business element. In the case of the World Trade Center there has been a tremendous loss of life and whilst there will be remote locations to transfer people with backed-up data, in this instance the issue is expected to be the loss of key people rather than just the data.


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