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mi2g pioneers global risk management practices and technology to save time and cut cost. We enhance comparative advantage within financial services and government agencies. Specifically we seek to secure the interface between stakeholders so as to mitigate strategic and operational risk.

D2-Banking is mi2g's latest project and delivers combined digital banking and data vaulting services with guaranteed security. The award winning mi2g bespoke security architecture, digital risk management and D2-Banking rely on our family of underlying tools to deliver scalable infrastructure that brings together people, processes and technology. Our real time intelligence is deployed worldwide for contingency capability, executive decision making and strategic threat assessment.

The Asymmetric Threats Contingency Alliance is a philanthropic expert initiative founded in 2001 by mi2g to understand and to address complex global challenges. ATCA conducts collective Socratic dialogue on opportunities and threats arising from climate chaos, radical poverty, organised crime, extremism, informatics, nanotechnology, robotics, genetics, artificial intelligence and financial systems. The Philanthropia can be accessed from here.

Latest Developments
13th April ATCA Open