Case Study - Managed Security Services

The Client

Our client was a large multi-billion Dollar financial services group headquartered in North America.

The Business Challenge

mi2g was given a brief to build an eBusiness digitisation infrastructure that could stimulate a valuable service offering for collaboration, information, B2B exchanges and customer information, which could also be securely accessed and utilised by the various stakeholders.

Trust is an essential prerequisite to encourage B2B customers to transfer their business processes to the internet and to realise the potential cost saving benefits. This trust is dependent on the assurance of Confidentiality, Integrity, Authentication and Non-Repudiation. Guaranteeing security is, therefore, a crucial condition for dealing with payments, handling personal data and protecting commercial intelligence.

The Solution

mi2g created a Managed eBusiness Security team, in collaboration with a global services partner, to provide cutting-edge electronic security; incorporating best-of-breed technology, best practices and expertise in security and global resources to enable secure business success. mi2g's Managed eBusiness Security delivers Bespoke Security Architecture, which includes integrated security assessments, planning, implementation, proactive solutions for security management and response and knowledge transfer to develop internal security skills.

Business Value

"mi2g will offer the full range of products in the security spectrum - by tendering risk assessments, implementation of solutions, high-level consulting, education and training." said DK Matai, CEO of mi2g. "The value to mi2g clients will be reduced operational costs whilst assuring the highest level of security management."


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