Case Study - Data Cleansing

The Client

Our client was a large multi-billion Dollar financial services group headquartered in North America.

The Business Challenge

The client needed to extract, transform and load customer data from three pilot client companies into a single Customer Relationship Management (CRM) offering. The extraction of insurance data would not be easy, as customer records originated from dated policy based systems and were stored in arcane data structures. The legacy systems of the client were not customer orientated and not geared towards their individual business strategies. The solution would have to be quick, manageable and cost effective.

The Solution

mi2g managed a two-week pilot to demonstrate the data movement and cleansing solution. mi2g realised that the CRM success would occur both at the member company level and that there would need to be three separate customer information files. In order to cut costs and project timelines, mi2g re-used as much knowledge and technology as possible across the CRM initiatives.

Tools Used - Copy Manager (Web-Focus), PL/SQL, Oracle8 databases.

Business Value

· Provided clean unified data for cost cutting CRM programme
· Single solution for data movement, web reporting and services in Property & Casualty insurance
· Flexibility and scalability to run the same solution on any platform or system for other companies
· Lower costs, especially with enterprise-wide user licenses appropriate for multiple deployments, like brokers
· Technology re-usability guaranteed to leverage existing infrastructure from mi2g for other companies
· 85% of the Customer Information File (CIF) strategy and process is re-usable


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