Case Study - Online Digitised Insurance Products

The Client

Our client was a large multi-billion Dollar financial services group headquartered in North America.

The Business Challenge

Our client needed to improve access to information across their many project teams and operations, to achieve information and knowledge sharing. The installation of our client's wide Intranet and Extranet enabled information access, process and despatching both within and outside the originating companies. In particular our client needed to generate highly personalised documents on demand such as policies, contracts, customer correspondence, etc.

The Solution

Based on Calligo from Insystems, the "black box" is unique in its use of an integrated infrastructure of its automated document assembly, document management system, workflow systems and application specific toolkits. The mi2g insurance product portals now use this system for their online policy issuance and document management.

Business Value

· Reduces document issuance costs by utilizing electronic archives
· Solves forms inventory and distribution problems
· Enforces Correct Forms use
· Emulates existing paper forms (customer preferred format)
· Allows for high volume processing by eliminating document handling tasks


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