Case Study - Intranet - Corporate Portal

The Client

Our client was a large multi-billion Dollar financial services group headquartered in North America.

The Business Challenge

mi2g was commissioned to design and implement secure corporate enterprise information portals to play a central role for the stakeholders of a major financial services body. The highly secure Intranet implementation needed to be conducted on a wide range of technology platforms in several geographically disparate locations. The Intranet needed to enable a broad range of applications including eMail systems, databases, spreadsheets, word processing, and Web access. Security was paramount since our client was the parent company of a diverse group of autonomous financial companies that delivered a range of financial services and much of the material on their systems was deemed highly confidential. To cater for the diverse member companies, the portals needed to accommodate the branding systems and style requirements of each company in order to enhance their sense of commitment to, and ownership of, their portals.

The Solution

mi2g selected Coreport portal technology from Corechange. In addition to standard portal requirements, it also enabled single sign-on and is accessible via multiple media options, including mobile technologies. Following an open systems model, the solutions deployed within the Intranet were focused on adopting a "buy" vs. "build" strategy and by integrating "best of breed" applications within the portal framework. The dual architecture enabled the specific needs of each subsidiary to be securely met.

Business Value

· Improved productivity up to 80% savings for meetings, travel, telephone, training announcements and communications
· Knowledge management for underwriting and claims for risk and exposure mitigation (particularly useful to manage Mega-Risk post September 11th)
· Direct Communication from the client company's Chairman, Presidents and for online house magazines
· High performance data access; information exchange & applications
· Jobs and career opportunities within the diversified group
· Knowledge management; internal sales & marketing tools
· eLearning: New technology and management skills, including points system to motivate staff
· Digital access to company pensions and share option schemes to view personal allocations
· Easy scalability of Intranet platform for new partners integrated into the our client's family


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