E-virus* turns clocks to 2000

The Sunday Times, © 1999 Times Newspapers Ltd.

*A customised Hacker Activated Code (HAC) is not a generic virus.

Please read the e-risk analysis™ before visiting The Sunday Times Website

mi2g excerpts from the article:

D K Matai, managing director of mi2g, a security software company which advises many of London's financial institutions, said: "Hackers are causing chaos with this [Hacker Activated] code because it can immediately shut down computer systems. There are not just financial risks to be considered; serious safety issues are also involved."

During a recent conference on electronic security held by mi2g, it was revealed that Y2K-compliant systems were also under threat. Tests carried out earlier this year on an oil rig and car plant, both classified as millennium-compliant, in which clocks were forwarded to the millennium date, caused up to 40% of computers to be inaccessible.

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