Wireless Quantum Energy: Has the Time Come?

London, UK - 31st March 2015, 10:45 GMT

"Electric Power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world's machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas, or any other of the common fuels!" -- WardenClyffe Project Archives, Nikola Tesla (1856-1943).

How do we reduce our oil dependency as a civilisation? Driving the latest Tesla Model S, the high-performance electric luxury car, at high speed from City airport to central London, it becomes clear that our oil dependency is manifest in the cars on the road, the aircraft in the sky and the boats gliding on the water. Not a single vehicle going by is without an exhaust! Here lies the problem. We fill the fuel tanks of our cars, aircraft and ships with refined oil and then breathe the smoke from these transporters as they burn dirty hydro-carbons along with many toxic chemicals, including some known to cause cancer. Not only that, but when the "black gold" is extracted from deep underneath the sea, we can get the Gulf of Mexico toxic gusher which we couldn't seem to stop for a while. Did Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) -- the famous inventor of the alternating current power system deployed worldwide -- have the answer in Wireless Quantum Energy? Having won the Queen's Award for innovation, we have always been interested in new technology as well as ground breaking technology that time forgot.

WardenClyffe Tower: Wireless Power Transmission: Nikola Tesla

JP Morgan, JD Rockefeller and Henry Ford

Nearly one century and one decade ago, with the discovery of long distance electricity distribution, everybody expected that all cars would be electric and run on rechargeable batteries. Tesla had gone one step further and actually produced a working automobile that ran on electricity taken from the surrounding ether like an antenna picks up radio waves. This would revolutionise travel just like his AC induction motor had fundamentally altered the industrial world. John Pierpont Morgan, John D Rockefeller, and Henry Ford were not pleased with Tesla's wireless power travel solutions. No gasoline engine meant no oil monopoly for the Rockefellers and wireless transmission of electricity meant no real use for JP Morgan's copper mines. The Rockefeller's Standard Oil Company was losing its key market of home lighting to Thomas Alva Edison's electric light bulb. The legendary investor and banker JP Morgan did not like the idea of wireless energy based travel -- road, air or sea -- because where would one put the meter to charge for it? He favoured the joint solution of Rockefeller's Standard Oil and Henry Ford's modern car based on the internal combustion engine for its clear income stream!

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What are your thoughts, observations and views? We are keen to listen and to learn.

Best wishes

D K Matai

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