"A PRIORI" - A Predictor of Radical Insurgence - July/August 2003

news alert (excerpt)

London, UK - 30 June 2003, 12:30 GMT - Further to the launch of mi2g's 'A Priori' early warning experiment in mid-May for estimating the risk of future militant activity based on past patterns of politically motivated overt digital attacks, we would like to draw attention to the following conclusions resulting from the ongoing research. A Priori has helped to identify the following potential hotspots via the mi2g SIPS engine, the world's largest database for overt hacker attacks.

Based on a high proportion of politically motivated overt digital attacks (50%+) against government online systems or majority (60%+) overall and analysing the content of the political messages (=*) in May & June, the following countries are being placed on high alert for the months of July/August by mi2g for our clients, their staff and assets worldwide:


Full details of the June 2003 report will be available on 1st July 2003 and can be pre-ordered from here. (To view contents sample please click here).

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