Davos Digest - Key ATCA Tweets - III

London, UK - 30th January 2010, 09:10 GMT

Dear ATCA Open & Philanthropia Friends

[Please note that the views presented by individual contributors are not necessarily representative of the views of ATCA, which is neutral. ATCA conducts collective Socratic dialogue on global opportunities and threats.]

The highlights of The World Economic Forum, the annual gathering of government and corporate leaders in the Alpine ski resort of Davos, Switzerland, are presented as a series of @ATCAOpen tweets:

3-D Trip to Planet Pandora in ‘Avatar’, at Davos, Switzerland

Tackling Poverty

. World Bank MD: 64 million more people plunged into poverty because of the global economic crisis; seeks help at Davos. http://ow.ly/11VmZ

. Zimbabwe 'needs reward for progress': PM Tsvangirai urges easing of targeted sanctions to tackle economic crisis. #Davos http://ow.ly/11WN3


. Gateses make $10bn vaccine pledge to develop + deliver new vaccines to see 90% of children in developing countries immunised. http://ow.ly/11VDP

Climate, Clean Energy and Mood

. Climate Change, Transport and Logistics: Despite Copenhagen, climate chaos is still centre-stage at Davos on road to Mexico. http://ow.ly/11WFd

. Race is on to develop Green, Clean tech: Shaping up to be Great Game of 21st century as US, China size each other. #Davos http://ow.ly/11WuZ

. Avatar's Cameron strikes chord with the Davos crowd with his 3D film's aim: to put a global audience in a lucid dream state! http://ow.ly/11Vwx


. Canadian PM Harper urges G20 to follow through on past agreements + economic accords when they meet later in Toronto. #Davos http://ow.ly/11X9X

Euro and Finance

. Greece is the word that may strike fear into all those who love the Euro: Greek PM talks to Jordan's Queen Rania at Davos. http://ow.ly/11Wkl

. EU Commissioner Joaquin Almunia: We don't need Greek bail-out because the country won't default. We've no plan B. #Davos http://ow.ly/11Wab

. Funds flee Greece as Germany warns of 'fatal' euro-zone crisis triggering near-panic flight from South European debt markets. http://ow.ly/11JUa

. IMF MD Strauss-Kahn proposes an insurance premium for the financial system so as to cover any eventual new crisis. #Davos http://ow.ly/11W29

. Central bankers seethe behind closed doors; Davos has a new blood sport: banker bashing. Slowly, consensus is emerging! http://ow.ly/11WTD

. Summers: Banks need to focus on customers; Obama bank proposals to make 'real difference' to check systemic risk. #Davos http://ow.ly/11X2p

. Cameron suggests immediate Tory spending cuts would be modest to prevent UK facing a Greek-style debt crisis. #Davos #WEF http://ow.ly/11VME

. UK's Darling tells bankers: 'Don't feel sorry for yourselves'; talks with eight UK and foreign-owned banks. #Davos #WEF http://ow.ly/11VTJ

. Just who are the dark forces attacking Greece? For some, identifying the mysterious 'foreigners' is not the point. #Davos http://ow.ly/11XjP


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ATCA: The Asymmetric Threats Contingency Alliance is a philanthropic expert initiative founded in 2001 to resolve complex global challenges through collective Socratic dialogue and joint executive action to build a wisdom based global economy. Adhering to the doctrine of non-violence, ATCA addresses asymmetric threats and social opportunities arising from climate chaos and the environment; radical poverty and microfinance; geo-politics and energy; organised crime & extremism; advanced technologies -- bio, info, nano, robo & AI; demographic skews and resource shortages; pandemics; financial systems and systemic risk; as well as transhumanism and ethics. Present membership of ATCA is by invitation only and has over 5,000 distinguished members from over 120 countries: including 1,000 Parliamentarians; 1,500 Chairmen and CEOs of corporations; 1,000 Heads of NGOs; 750 Directors at Academic Centres of Excellence; 500 Inventors and Original thinkers; as well as 250 Editors-in-Chief of major media.

The Philanthropia, founded in 2005, brings together over 1,000 leading individual and private philanthropists, family offices, foundations, private banks, non-governmental organisations and specialist advisors to address complex global challenges such as countering climate chaos, reducing radical poverty and developing global leadership for the younger generation through the appliance of science and technology, leveraging acumen and finance, as well as encouraging collaboration with a strong commitment to ethics. Philanthropia emphasises multi-faith spiritual values: introspection, healthy living and ecology. Philanthropia Targets: Countering climate chaos and carbon neutrality; Eliminating radical poverty -- through micro-credit schemes, empowerment of women and more responsible capitalism; Leadership for the Younger Generation; and Corporate and social responsibility.

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