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London, UK - 30th January 2002, 0800 GMT - Dame Stephanie (Steve) Shirley, the Founder of Xansa plc, will deliver the keynote speech this evening on “An Entrepreneur’s Story” at the mi2g event at Lloyd’s of London. The speech is going to cover the key issues facing leaders in the 21st century as their organizations becoming digitally networked.

Dame Stephanie will talk about the crux of the 21st century organization being “the relentless drive for efficiency; an ongoing attack on costs; the pursuit of excellence.” She will answer key questions facing senior management today, “How and when to take risks? How to select, train and manage staff? How to turn them into partners? And how to lead? They are all an essential part of the business process. It’s a learning experience.”

Dame Stephanie Shirley has been involved in a number of computing firsts. Her significant recent IT achievements include the first disability conference on the web; a GBP 5 Million gift to the IT livery company to establish its hall and charitable arm; and over GBP 10 Million to found the Oxford Internet Institute, the first muliti-disciplinary research centre to focus on the social, economic, legal and ethical impact of the Internet.

mi2g is holding a cocktail reception in the presence of Dame Stephanie followed by a closed discussion dinner at Lloyd’s of London on the Chairman’s Floor for 25 CEOs and CIOs from major banks, insurance houses, energy groups, long term investors, law firms and professional practices.

“We are absolutely delighted to have the honour of having Dame Stephanie come and address a select audience at our January Lloyd’s of London event on the key issue of values” said D K Matai, Chairman and CEO of mi2g software. “We strongly believe in mi2g’s guiding principles and values which are the basis of our relationships and are published on the web. Organizations cannot navigate in the digital environment without having a defined charter.”

Invited journalists will have the opportunity to mingle with the guests between 6:15pm and 7:00pm and will hear Dame Stephanie Shirley talk about:

  • Leadership in Digitally Networked Organizations

  • Guiding Principles and Values; Teamwork

  • Discretionary Innovation, Global Competition and the Heart of Management

A copy of the speech will be available after the event on request. ________________________________________________________________________

Notes to Editors

Dame Stephanie Shirley is a highly successful entrepreneur turned ardent philanthropist. She founded what is now Xansa plc and over 25 years as its Chief Executive developed it into a leading business technology group, pioneering new work practices and changing the position of professional women (especially in hi-tech) along the way. In the process she also transferred equity and voting control to the staff and is proud that today, despite several major acquisitions, the staff directly and indirectly own 30% of the enlarged, enhanced group.

Xansa plc is in business technology: an outsourcing and change management group valued at over a Billion Pounds. Xansa has technology joint ventures with Halifax Bank of Scotland and Barclays Bank acting through Barclaycard, Europe's leading credit card issuer.

About mi2g:

mi2g Digital Solutions Engineering pays particular regard to security. mi2g advises on the management of eRisk and incorporates Bespoke Security Architecture in its SMART sourcing solutions. mi2g builds highly secure intranets and extranets, digital communities and data warehouses that are specifically constructed for data mining, customer relationship management and enhancing the network effect.

For further information - www.mi2g.com

What is Bespoke Security Architecture?

Bespoke Security Architecture brings together firewall layers, intrusion detection and other defensive structures, as well as automated intelligence techniques with legal, human resource and company policies.

What is eRisk Management?

eRisk Management deals with a variety of issues associated with implementing digital solutions and integrating Service Level Management. It includes selecting the optimum technology set, managing external partners and alliances, linking payments to targets, defining rigorous quality control procedures, managing the growth in online traffic post launch, achieving the expected return on investment, and bringing about the changes in the corporate culture required for successful eBusiness.

What is SMART Sourcing?

mi2g SMART Sourcing is the careful selection of cost effective and trustworthy suppliers from around the world for building and maintaining highly secure digital platforms on a 24 by 7 basis.

For additional information please contact - Intelligence Unit, mi2g

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