mi2g - Seven years old and growing


London, UK - 28 February 2003, 13:00 GMT - mi2g is proud to celebrate its seventh birthday today. We would like to take the opportunity to thank all our clients and strategic allies for helping us to grow and consolidate our market presence in digital risk management and security over this period.

John Wood, Chairman Trilateral Group said, "mi2g is not only one of Trilateral's most successful, but also in global terms, our most important investment. In the twenty-first century few areas are as critical to the future well-being of states, citizens and corporations than that of advanced infrastructure and cyber security. mi2g's reputation and role as sophisticated and trusted advisors to governments, institutions and corporations on these matters is unparalleled in the private sector. We look forward to many years more of successful collaboration."

After seven years, the mi2g digital risk management methodology and bespoke security architecture techniques have been adopted by major players in financial services - on both sides of the Atlantic - and government agencies. The Contingency Capability Radar (CCR) is considered particularly suitable in preparing for chemical, biological, nuclear, radiological and conventional terrorism threats to business continuity whilst the Digital Risk Matrix (DRM) is deployed in preparation for sustained digital attacks.

Geoffrey Hancock, founder of the MEC Group of companies and co-founder of mi2g, said, "It is of interest to note that the ever expanding cyber threat to business continuity is closely tracking the international political scenario with particular reference to terrorism. The message which is clear from mi2g research is that governments and corporates alike will ignore these issues at their peril."

Rear Admiral John Hilton, Special Projects advisor to mi2g said, "I have been associated with mi2g since its early days and have been very impressed to watch it rapidly evolve into its present position as one of the world leaders in information security and cyber warfare issues. I congratulate mi2g on its birthday and wish all those involved many happy, exciting and prosperous years ahead."

mi2g's security intelligence and research continues to be regarded as one of the world's authoritative sources of digital attack data.

DK Matai, Executive Chairman mi2g said, "We thank our friends in government and industry for their contribution to mi2g's success on this milestone occasion. Our stakeholders have been excellent and through them we have been exposed to many new ideas and challenges. mi2g will continue to play a major role in solving complex technology dependent risk issues in the years to come."


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