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Dr Simon Moores participation

8th September mi2g software Seminar

"Countering the growing Corporate Threat from Cyber Warfare - II"

We are delighted to announce that Dr Simon Moores has agreed to speak at this 2nd mi2g Cyber Warfare event in the City of London aimed at CEOs and Finance Directors of Financial Institutions and Multi-National Corporations on 8th September. This seminar builds on the earlier event held on 4th August 1999, which was attended by Directors and Partners from 110 European, American and Japanese organisations.

Dr Moores is a leading media figure, Computer Weekly columnist and industry visionary for over a decade. He is The Research Group Chairman and comments on IT, the Internet and e-commerce issues on the weekly Sky News Business Report. He also provides regular news analysis for the BBC, Bloomberg and CNBC Europe.

Dr Moores (www.drmoores.com) is widely respected as an authority on Microsoft and the rapidly developing electronic commerce industry. He is also widely recognised in his role as consumer advocate and Chairman of the Microsoft Windows NT Forum.

The Chairman of the seminar will be Larry Cohen, Head of Intellectual Property, Hammond Suddards, UK law firm. The event will last 1 hour, starting at 5:30pm for 6:00pm and concluding at 7:00pm.

Cyber Warfare is when individuals acting via the internet or through viruses malevolently attack industry, business, social utilities and national security with an intent to cause disruption or damage. Such individuals need only a relatively simple computer capability to make such Cyber attacks devastating. mi2g successfully predicted the Cyber Attack to businesses, governments and financial markets in early January, which was brought home during the recent NATO-Serbia parallel Cyber War between March and May this year.

The keynote speaker will be DK Matai, the Founder of mi2g software (www.mi2g.com) located in Central London and focussed on providing software solutions to financial institutions and large corporations worldwide. DK will relate mi2g's leading edge bespoke security architecture experience in countering the threat from Cyber Warfare and examine specific case studies. mi2g is at the forefront of evaluating this risk and putting together corporate solutions through its Security Intelligence Products and Systems (SIPS) Division. This is a by invitation only reception.

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