Cyber Attacks on Increase REPORT


Incidents of cyber attacks on computer systems are becoming more common and increasingly sophisticated, a security company says. There have been over 1,700 serious attacks world-wide in the first half of this year, costing more than £4.3 billion, a report by mi2g software claims. These included the infamous Melissa, Chernobyl and ExploreZip virus outbreaks.

Figures from mi2g (www.mi2g.com) show the number of attacks growing. There were around 300 in 1995, 1,050 in 1998, and this year's final total is expected to reach 3,000. The massive growth in computer attacks mirrors the exponential growth of the Internet.

More worryingly, mi2g's experts said that as many as 60% of attacks remain unreported because they are not detected by the victims. Yet more remain secret because some organisations that fall victim to them do not want publicity. Crackers are also resorting to smarter tactics.

The report said: "Many of 1999's attacks are more sophisticated than 1998. They include the forging of Internet Protocol addresses and the hijacking of open terminal or login sessions."

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