Cyber Warfare Incidents

to cost $20 Billion in 1999

London, UK, 09:30 GMT 26th July 1999 - The total cost of servicing cyber warfare incidents world wide will exceed $20 Billion in 1999 according to mi2g's Security Intelligence Products & Systems (SIPS) division. "The key question is how does one plan for business continuity in the coming years as organisations become totally dependent on IT networks and this type of economic terrorism continues to grow geometrically. Expenses and time lost are rising much faster than budgets. The answer lies in a properly funded bespoke security architecture to which the board of directors commits itself completely" said DK Matai, Founder of mi2g software.

On Wednesday 4th August, mi2g software is holding a technical seminar, "Countering the growing Corporate threat from Cyber Warfare" in the City of London at 5:30pm in conjunction with the Singapore Business Group and Richards Butler, international law firm. The purpose of this exclusive seminar, aimed at the CEOs and FDs of financial institutions and multi-national corporations, is to present the need for well funded Bespoke Security Architecture solutions to counter the growing corporate threat from Cyber Warfare through viruses, hacking and clock forwarding.

Concerns within leading UK businesses have been heightened since the start of the year. In the last seven months, there have been three major virus attacks and several full scale Cyber Attacks. Melissa in March, Chernobyl in April and the fatal ExploreZip in June cost corporations huge unplanned and unbudgeted resources. The cost of disabled computers and their down time through each major worldwide cyber warfare incident is already exceeding $2.5 Billion. The major Back Orifice 2000 (BO2K) threat has arrived in July. Its variants will be a growing and unpredictable menace just as unbudgeted corporate resources are running out.

Editor's Notes:

1. Cyber Warfare is when individuals acting via the internet or through viruses malevolently attack industry, business, social utilities and national security with an intent to cause disruption or damage. Such individuals need only a relatively simple computer capability to make such Cyber attacks highly effective. mi2g successfully predicted the Cyber Attack to businesses, governments and financial markets in early January, which was brought home during the recent NATO-Serbia Cyber War between March and May this year.

2. mi2g (www.mi2g.com) is a Central London based R&D focussed e-commerce technology enterprise that has already developed the main components to become a world-class player in secure e-commerce trading, broking and banking. mi2g software pioneered the concept of secure internet lounges - industry specific portals - in early 1996. The speaker will be DK Matai, the Founder of mi2g software.

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