Creation and Protection of Value remain the key to business success

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London, UK - 27th February 2001, 0800 GMT - mi2g is holding a cocktail reception at Lloyd's of London on the Chairman's Floor for 125 CEOs and CIOs from major banks, insurance houses, brokers, law firms and professional practices to mark its 5th anniversary on 28th February 2001 at 6PM.

John Shakeshaft, Managing Director at Lazard, will Chair the event, introducing DK Matai of mi2g to illustrate the successful use of the internet by established businesses as a tool to reduce operational costs, rather than the hyped opportunities to increase revenue, and to warn that the decades taken to create value can be wiped out instantaneously without appropriate online security.

Journalists will have the opportunity to mingle with the guests and will hear DK Matai detail mi2g's analysis of the security issue:

Internet risks: How can one identify and reduce them?
Terrorists and activists: How real are the external threats?
How important is the threat from within? What techniques can protect the business?
Downstream liability to customers and from suppliers?
Will your business survive a simulated attack?

"Real value has been added only when customers, employees, shareholders and strategic allies are able to participate and transact anytime and anywhere via enterprise wide relationship management " said D K Matai, Managing Director of mi2g software. "However, this also means that in the event of cyberattack or virus spreads like 'I love you' and 'Kournikova', the entire operation is vulnerable without Bespoke Security Architecture".

Editor's Notes:

Presentation: The Creation and Protection of Value in the 21st Century

Date: 28th February 2001

Time: 6.30pm

Location: Lloyds of London, Chairman's (11th) Floor

Participation in the event is by invitation only.

About mi2g (www.mi2g.com):

mi2g software works with financial services groups, both large and small, to change and eEnable their entire business. We automate our clients' business in such a way that they and their customers can use the World Wide Web both to increase their business volume and reduce their overall cost base.

mi2g eBusiness Solutions Engineering pays particular regard to security and advises on the management of eRisk, which incorporates Bespoke Security Architecture. mi2g's clients are mainly from the banking, insurance and reinsurance sectors.

What is Bespoke Security Architecture?

Most organisations believe that a firewall is enough to secure their sites. Bespoke security architecture brings together firewall layers, intrusion detection and other defensive structures, as well as automated intelligence techniques with legal, human resource and company policies.

What is eRisk Management?

eRisk Management deals with a variety of issues. associated with implementing an eBusiness. fully integrated with older IT systems. It includes selecting the optimum. technology set, managing external partners and. alliances, linking payments to targets, defining. rigorous quality control procedures, managing. the growth in online traffic post launch, achieving. the expected return on investment, and bringing. about the changes in the corporate culture. required for successful eBusiness.

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