Long Term Implications of the Slammer Worm

news alert (excerpt)

London, UK - 26 January 2003, 15:30 GMT - The Slammer Worm which disrupted the Internet across the world and particularly South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and China over the weekend is a timely reminder of the strengths and weaknesses of the digitally connected environment:

1. Slammer may appear to be very benign in comparison to more virulent malware in the longer term. Slammer is an extremely small piece of test code and it appears to have been designed as a delivery vector that would not cause any direct damage during the early stage. Its main purpose appears to have been to gauge the speed at which such a carrier could spread in the wild. The next step for the perpetrators would be to create a version that does not clog bandwidth and goes largely undetected. Following this stage, a future refined version may be used for carrying a more destructive payload, which would exploit other vulnerabilities and could cause massive economic disruption. mi2g examined the possible emergence of such a graduated system of malware deployment in its news alert of 13th January 2003. [Bugbear points to future of Viruses, Worms, Trojans & Malware]

2. …


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