September 2002 Breaks All Records for Digital Attacks

news alert (excerpt)

London, UK - 25 September 2002, 16:00 GMT - September 2002 has seen 9,011 overt digital attacks so far, shattering all previous monthly records. The record was previously held by August 2002 (5,830) and by July 2002 (4,904) before that. Monthly records have now been broken for three consecutive months. September's record this year stands in sharp contrast to September 2001, when 9/11 precipitated a dramatic plunge in the number of overt digital attacks to just 816 from 2,820 in August and 3,499 in July 2001 according to the mi2g SIPS database.

Attacks on Microsoft Windows systems (5,854) in September 2002 have dwarfed attacks on all other operating systems combined including Linux (1,740), BSD (933) and Solaris (229).


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