mi2g Warns Over Cyber Attacks

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London, UK, 24th May 1999 - mi2g, an Internet software engineering firm, has warned that all companies could be at risk of damage to or failure of their systems due to a cyber attack or a virus setting their PC clocks forward.

Simulations conducted by mi2g have apparently shown that non-Y2K compliant companies in particular could suffer if their system's time is forwarded or their network's internal clocks are reset by a hacker or a virus.

Their simulation even showed that Y2K compliant companies could experience failure of software licenses, passwords and user accounts if clocks are set forward.

In other news, mi2g, has warned that several companies, public organisations and academic institutions in NATO member nations have received e-mails carrying viruses. The e-mails have originated from a range of Eastern European countries and usually contain highly politicised attacks against NATO in poor English or in the form of propaganda cartoons.

Commercial anti-viral software has so far identified 25 different strains of virus but mi2g is warning that anti-virus software may not be effective against advanced viral forms, some of which could be of an unknown kind or could be time-triggered to activate on a future date.

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