Ideologically Motivated Hacking Rising

news alert (excerpt)

London, UK - 21 January 2003, 15:15 GMT - A new study released by the mi2g Intelligence Unit on major hacker groups active in 2002 shows the top ten hot beds originating hacker attack to be Brazil, Egypt, Morocco, Pakistan, Italy, UK, Indonesia, Turkey, Libya and USA. Attacks on the West show a spurt of growth mainly coming from radical groups and individuals based in predominantly Islamic countries. Retaliatory attacks targeting Islamic countries are proportionately very low in most instances or negligible.

The threat from pro-Islamic, anti-capitalist and other radical hacker groups to the US, UK, Israel, Russia and India has increased significantly in protest at the 'War with Iraq', 'War on terrorism', the 'Chechnya conflict', the 'Israel-Palestine issue' and the 'India-Pakistan tension over Kashmir.' The five issues appeared to be linked in the minds of the ideologically motivated hackers.

Discounting Brazilian attacks, which are primarily motivated by intellectual challenge and criminal syndicates, the detailed analyses of hacker origins for attacks on the US, UK, Israel and India show:


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