Cyber Warfare

News Digest - IV

 10th May 1999 - 20th May 1999

Tuesday 11th May 1999: NATO Countries under China Cyber Attack
Press Release following the NATO bomb on the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, which killed three Chinese Journalists. Protest through Cyber Attack has begun, computer hackers are continuing to attack US Government Web Sites. So far, the internet host computers of the Energy Department, Interior Department and the National Park Service have been cracked. The White House web site has also come under attack and did momentarily stop. [mi2g].

Wednesday 12th May 1999: Chinese Cyber Protest Evidence Mounts
Following the warning by mi2g (www.mi2g.com) yesterday, evidence of Chinese Cyber Protest carries on mounting. National and commercial interests are at stake for companies within NATO countries. [mi2g].

Thursday 13th May 1999: Severe Penalties fail to halt growing Cyber War
Sophisticated espionage software 'Trojans' are the latest weapon deployed in this Cyber War. 'Trojans' have been sent to targets in the West from Far Eastern countries. 'Trojans' can be used as a very effective way of gathering intelligence without risking the lives of agents.
Protests against NATO countries are also being made via a flood of e-mails. The US Government is now preparing itself for the possibility of a concerted e-mail assault on their servers in an attempt to overload them. Administrators are being advised to employ anti-spam measures to impede all e-mail from China's, '.cn', domain. [mi2g].

Thursday 20th May 1999: E-Bombs - The next phase of Cyber War
Junk e-mail could cripple your computer network and land you in court. IBM's Tivoli, are already concerned about e-mail bombs and to protect their servers have designed their systems to reject a suspect percentage of all incoming e-mails. Tivoli's decision is significant because it anticipates the problem of "open relay" spamming and how this can degrade server processing capacity as well as give the impression that the victim sent the junk mail. [mi2g].

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