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London, UK - 20th March 2002, 1100 GMT - Phil Venables - Chief Information Security Officer, Goldman Sachs - will deliver the keynote speech tomorrow morning on “Infrastructure security during and after 11th September: A view from downtown Manhattan.”

The speech will launch the two-day annual conference of the British Computer Society (BCS) Information Security Specialist Group (ISSG) dedicated to the 21st century issue of online consumer security.

Dr Steve Marsh - Head of Security Policy, Office of the eEnvoy, UK Government - will deliver the day two keynote speech on “The Government’s commitment to secure eBusiness.” Dr Marsh will provide an up-to-date account of the initiatives adopted by the Government to promote secure eBusiness.

Phil Venables of Goldman Sachs will describe his own experiences during the 11th September tragedy in terms of services restoration, security and future planning for a changed world; followed by detailed mi2g Intelligence Unit statistics and a commentary by DK Matai - Chairman and CEO, mi2g - on digital risk management, covering the implications of the terrorist event from the technology, people, legal and insurance perspective.

“The overall theme for this year’s conference – Consumer Security – was chosen well before the events of 11th September last year,” said the BCS-ISSG Chairman Noel Bonczoszek. “However, the tragedy of New York has touched us all, such was its immense impact on public and consumer confidence, and indeed on attitudes towards security.”

For the rest of the conference, the thrust will remain on the innovative uses of information technology, and especially the Internet, to help the consumer, yet at the same time making users aware of the potential risks and pitfalls which confront them, and some of the security measures that can be adopted to increase user confidence. These will cover:

1. Digital risk management

2. Biometrics

3. Electronic transmission of medical prescriptions

4. Online voting system for general elections

5. Criminality and deviousness in the workplace

“We are absolutely delighted to have the honour of being invited to participate in this prestigious event,” said DK Matai of mi2g. A copy of his speech will be available after the event on request.

Notes to Editors

The BCS-ISSG exists to develop an awareness of the risks to which information systems are exposed, and to improve the knowledge of users in achieving acceptable levels of security.

For further information contact Norman Jackson, BCS-ISSG on:
Telephone: +44 (0) 1252 614 620 - eMail: njackson@sylvanhouse.demon.co.uk

About mi2g:

mi2g Digital Solutions Engineering pays particular regard to security. mi2g advises on the management of eRisk and incorporates Bespoke Security Architecture in its SMART sourcing solutions.

mi2g builds highly secure intranets and extranets, digital communities and data warehouses that are specifically constructed for data mining, customer relationship management and enhancing the network effect. For further information – www.mi2g.com

What is Bespoke Security Architecture?

Bespoke Security Architecture brings together firewall layers, intrusion detection and other defensive structures, as well as automated intelligence techniques with legal, human resource and company policies.

What is Digital Risk Management?

Digital Risk Management deals with a variety of issues associated with implementing digital solutions and integrating Service Level Management. It includes selecting the optimum technology set, managing external partners and alliances, linking payments to targets, defining rigorous quality control procedures, managing the growth in online traffic post launch, achieving the expected return on investment, and bringing about the changes in the corporate culture required for successful eBusiness.

What is SMART-Sourcing?

mi2g SMART-Sourcing is the careful selection of cost effective and trustworthy suppliers from around the world for building and maintaining highly secure digital platforms on a 24 by 7 basis.

For additional information please contact - Intelligence Unit, mi2g

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7924 3010 - Facsimile: +44 (0) 20 7924 3310 - eMail: Intelligence Unit

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