Pro-Islamic hackers join forces

© 2002 BBC

Wednesday, 19th June 2002 [Excerpt] -There is mounting evidence that individual hacker groups connected by a pro-Islamic agenda are working together to carry out hack attacks, say experts.

Security firm mi2g says an alliance of anti-Israel, anti-US and anti-India groups are increasingly highlighting issues such as the Middle East conflict, the war on terrorism and the Kashmir stand-off as part of their destructive digital attacks.

At the height of the tensions between Pakistan and India over Kashmir in May, two groups (Unix Security Guards and World Fantabulous Defacers) carried out a total of 111 digital attacks on Indian educational and business sites.

Security firm mi2g said political and ideological motives were increasingly behind hack attacks.

DK Matai, mi2g’s Chairman & CEO said, “The most important lesson learnt from these events is the coming together of pro-Islamic groups to simultaneously participate in joint digital attacks on US/UK, Israeli and Indian targets. Historically, the US has been allied with Pakistan. It seems that recent political and cyberspace events are both pointing towards a closer alignment of interests in the near future between the US, India and Israel.”

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