Revolution of Transparency: Consequences of 'Judas' in the Pocket?

London, UK - 16th November 2012, 15:35 GMT

Dear ATCA Open & Philanthropia Friends

[Please note that the views presented by individual contributors are not necessarily representative of the views of ATCA, which is neutral. ATCA conducts collective Socratic dialogue on global opportunities and threats.]

Powerful smart mobiles are now with everyone and everywhere with high resolution cameras, myriad applications and ultra fast messaging. Some top security experts call them 'Judas' in the pocket because these smart devices can carry out almost permanent tracking, surveillance and reconnaissance against their owners' wishes. What would General Petraeus rather NOT say or write in retrospect?

Smart Mobile Security

Threat to Survival in this Brave New World?

A. What are the emerging opportunities and threats associated with this brave new world of anywhere anytime Cloud-based mobile computing and communications?

B. How can organisations harness the smart mobile transparency revolution without being inadvertently undermined and destroyed by it?

C. Are any organisation's stake-holders -- including customers, workers, investors and strategic allies -- capable of adding colossal value or asymmetrically wrecking the organisations reputation, share-price, tangible and intangible value via their smart mobile devices almost instantaneously?

Whose Responsibility? Chairman, CEO and Board of Directors

A. Do the chairman, chief executive and board of directors recognise and understand the consequences of the massive paradigm shift underway as a result of smart mobile phones and their interaction with private and public data Clouds?

B. Are the organisation's governance policies ready for this transparency revolution?

C. Is the model of a vertical silo of a security department headed by a Chief Security Officer in a group rendered quasi-redundant or irrelevant given the fast metamorphosis and distributed nature of the smart mobile device opportunities and threats?

Vital Questions to Ask at the Highest Level... and Quickly before it is too Late!

1. As smart mobiles proliferate what's the risk of private and organisational data escape in the Cloud?

2. Given the access to that private and organisational data, can key individuals be blackmailed, kidnapped or held to ransom?

3. Is the entire intellectual property, archive of all communications, financial information and rolodex of the organisation sitting not only with the competitors but also with organised crime syndicates in China, Russia or Brazil?

4. Why is 'Bring Your Own Device' or BYOD one of the top initiatives that the mi2g Intelligence Unit (mIU) and the ATCA Research & Analysis Wing (A-RAW) see being investigated across major organisations?

5. How to implement a BYOD -- Bring Your Own Device -- security policy?

6. Why is educating staff and other stakeholders crucial if one is going to implement an effective BYOD usage policy?

7. How does training and having an effective usage policy for staff using BYOD help minimise security risks?

8. What is the role of Mobile Device Management (MDM) in regulating transparency, management and security of mobile devices?

9. Is data leak a concern when the data is encrypted and can't be easily decrypted?

10. What about the new trend in mobile data risk management of containerisation which is just taking off?


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