2004: Digital risk global economic damage tops USD 500 billion

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London, UK - 16 February 2005, 20:15 GMT - The latest global economic damage chart for all types of digital risk manifestations over the last nine years shows that the estimated quantum of damage for 2004, from all types of digital risk, now exceeds USD 500 billion at mid-value. Click here for pdf. The economic damage calculations include overt digital attacks, covert digital attacks, malware proliferation, phishing scams, distributed denial of service incidents and unsolicited email, ie, spam.

Digital risk damages are calculated by the mi2g Intelligence Unit on the basis of helpdesk support costs, overtime payments, contingency outsourcing, loss of business, bandwidth clogging, productivity erosion, management time reallocation, cost of recovery and software upgrades. When available, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) violations as well as customer and supplier liability costs have also been included in the estimates.


is at the leading edge of building secure on-line banking, broking and trading architectures. The principal applications of our technology are:

1. D2-Banking;
2. Digital Risk Management; and
3. Bespoke Security Architecture.

mi2g pioneers enterprise-wide security practices and technology to save time and cut cost. We enhance comparative advantage within financial services and government agencies. Our real time intelligence is deployed worldwide for contingency capability, executive decision making and strategic threat assessment.

mi2g Research Methodology: The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) List is available from here in pdf. Please note terms and conditions of use listed on www.mi2g.net

Full details of the January 2005 report are available as of 1st February 2005 and can be ordered from here. (To view contents sample please click here).

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