Serb computer viruses infected western firms

By Maeve Sheehan

The Sunday Times, © 1999 Times Newspapers Ltd

Permission is being sought from The Sunday Times Newspaper to reproduce this article, but in the meantime please read this article on The Sunday Times Website

mi2g excerpts from the article:

mi2g predicts the global cost of cyber warfare will exceed $20 billion this year. Apart from the Serbian cyber attacks, British organisations and financial institutions have been attacked by three serious viruses this year. DK Matai, managing director of mi2g, said: "The internet attacks from pro-Serbian elements highlights, for the first time, political activism as a force for cyber terrorism. You can have a small bunch of people in relatively feeble countries which have been attacked by the mightiest forces in the world. And they have responded effectively via the internet, which allows them to exercise muscle without having the firepower."

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