Total Disruption By 2020 As Man-Machines Merge? 5 Billion Humans + 50 Bn IoT/Smart Devices + Q-BRAIN Singularity: Who Wins?

London, UK - 15th March 2016, 12:05 GMT

1. Everything that you see happening today between man and machines will change and metamorphose beyond recognition, in the coming 4-5 years. Expect total disruption via new Q-BRAIN enabled products and applications in terms of challenging legacy technology solutions; societal behaviours, habits and norms; global trading, finance and economics; and absolutely everything including the way we live, work and play!

Q-BRAIN Singularity

2. With 50 billion connected devices -- many as Internet-of-Things (IoTs), Smart and Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled -- we are envisioning more than 5 devices per human being on the planet, and more than 10 devices per connected human being on the planet by 2020. These are unprecedented numbers and represent first a doubling, then a quadrupling from 2016, within just a few years!

3. This brave new world by 2020 is about three major yet simultaneous evolutions: a) the presence of 4.75 billion connected humans; b) 50 billion 24/7 connected devices, many of which will be smart and artificially intelligent; and c) The fast approaching Q-BRAIN Singularity that offers revolutionary new technology platforms to business, economics and finance to cut cost and to improve the quality of trust as well as the solution manifold.

4. What's the Q-BRAIN Singularity about? Simply put, Quantum-Blockchain-Recursion-Artificial-Intelligence-Nano (Q-BRAIN) smart technologies coming together in our global civilisation to synthesise man and machine as one in a hybrid formulation where man becomes part machine and machine becomes part man.

5. In this brave new world, lies, damned lies and statistics can no longer hide the truth, as all past and present information is transparent even perhaps to the detriment of maintaining personal and state secrets, safety and security, at all times. Yet strangely, this enhances trust as there are multiple parties from whom the truth can be garnered and corroborated.

6. As science fiction becomes reality -- enabled by the fast approaching Q-BRAIN singularity and the simultaneous 24/7 connectivity of 4.75 billion people on the planet and 50 billion connected devices by 2020 -- expect truth and transparency to spark an unprecedented series of disruptive revolutions in every sphere of human activity -- from business to democracy and from lifestyle/entertainment to healthcare!

7. Taking just two examples of the application of the Q-BRAIN singularity, ie, Quantum Computing and Blockchain, the disruption is going to be phenomenal.

8. What's Quantum Computing going to do amongst many new applications? Challenge vast swaths of existing cryptography -- designed to keep secrets and to enable secure payments and online banking etc -- whilst pioneering a completely new way of computing -- garnering novel intelligence, finding new materials, faster solutions and revolutionary cures -- by intuitively understanding Big-Data, offering new insights and approaching the data-intel gathering challenge in radically different and new ways.

9. What's Blockchain going to do amongst many new applications within FinTech? For starters, turn the banking, investment and asset trading world upside down where each and every transaction is going to be truthfully and transparently visible on public nodes and existing Too-Big-To-Fail (TBTF) banks, some considered Systemically Important Financial Institutions (SIFIs), are going to have response times like dinosaurs and will simply die out if they don't adapt to this fast approaching brave new world by 2020.

10. Once 4.75 billion connected human beings and 50 billion connected devices are thrown into the equation, the super convergence is even bigger and even more complex than the Q-BRAIN smart technologies Singularity, which is a colossal acceleration in its own right for the status quo to get totally disrupted and for no-thing to remain the same.

11. It is no longer material where you are and you are going to be able to control your smart home, your smart car and other complex equipment, your smart banking and trading system remotely. Almost every limitation enforced by the space-time continuum and gravity will be challenged forever.

12. The brave new world, when science fiction becomes reality, is a world where truth and transparency rule and economic, social and technological revolutions are happening anytime and anywhere, faster than one can blink the eye.

13. Key Questions: What about the collective consciousness of such a large sea of humanity and their united and purposeful intelligent contributions in smaller pockets in so many advanced fields of human endeavour? When before in history has this happened? Never before? What are the dark sides of these colossal opportunities for humanity and the global human civilisation?

14. As this unprecedented experiment unfolds -- and not only geography but our present behaviour patterns and lifestyles become history in the twinkle of an eye -- we invite you to consider, what does humanity look and feel like in the 2020 brave new world of the fast approaching Q-BRAIN Singularity, 4.75 billion strong collective intelligence and human consciousness, and 50 billion 24/7 connected devices many that are smart with artificial intelligence? What are the implications for safety and security, as well as privacy? What are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of this brave new world of man-machines merger? Who wins? We are keen to listen and to learn from you!


Source: QiLabs.net 1. Funding Form 2. Involvement Form 3. iQ:Ei Club

What are your thoughts, observations and views? We are keen to listen and to learn.

Best wishes

D K Matai

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