Holistic Quantum Relativity: Integrating Spirituality and Science

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London, UK - 14 February 2007, 17:48 GMT -

Dear Open ATCA & Philanthropia Friends

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Re: Holistic Quantum Relativity: Integrating Spirituality and Science

Holistic Quantum Relativity seeks to integrate spirituality and science. This work-in-progress may be of interest to the distinguished ATCA members, given our joint concentration on opportunities and threats arising from climate chaos; radical poverty; geo-politics, organised crime & extremism; advanced technologies -- bio, info, nano, robo & AI; demographic skews; pandemics; and financial systems. All of the complex global challenges of the 21st century identified by ATCA, depend on the elixir of "Spiritual Thinking" and "Positive Intentions" to address and to begin to resolve some of the seemingly intractable yet interlinked confrontations. As those inherent confrontations accelerate and feed off each other's momentum they possess the capability to damage and to disrupt the delicate global dynamic equilibrium. Faced with this unpalatable prospect for humanity in the coming two to three decades or less, it is necessary to rethink strategically because "He who is not busy being born, Is busy dying."

The Socratic Dialogue on IntentBlog -- where Open ATCA is based -- in regard to the four basic forces and the unified force within spirituality, science and evolution -- Holistic Quantum Relativity -- brings together a number of spiritualists, applied & pure scientists, and philosophers to grasp the concepts put forward by...

... The Great Spiritual Masters like Socrates, Pythagoras, Jesus, Rumi, Kabir and Kirpal's discourses; Albert Einstein & Richard Feynman's earlier theories on modern physics; Hans-Peter Dürr's Potsdam Denkschrift beyond the Russell-Einstein manifesto; Harbhajan & Avtar Singh's submissions; 2- & 3-D diagrams and models by Richard Thomas, Syamala Hari and Mieke van der Poll; and spiritual experiences and thoughts on consciousness by Todd Ingram, Keith Watson et al.

Understanding the Context and Relevance of The Four Basic Forces and The Unified Force:

1. Force of Gravity in Science, Spirituality and Evolution

= Gravity is a force through which all objects attract each other. Gravity is comprehensively described utilising Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, of which Newton's laws are a subset.

= Has a spiritual equivalence to Physicality & Senses, dominant in our childhood interactions
= Characteristics of the Greek element of earth and early cycle/age evolution

2. Electromagnetic Force in Science, Spirituality and Evolution

= It is the force that the electromagnetic field exerts on charged particles. It holds electrons and nuclei together in atoms, and holds atoms together to make molecules. The electromagnetic force operates via the exchange of messenger particles called photons. The exchange of messenger particles between bodies acts to create the perceptual force whereby instead of just pushing or pulling particles apart, the exchange changes the character of the particles that swap them. Originally, if at all possible electricity and magnetism were thought of as two separate forces. This view changed, however, with the publication of James Clerk Maxwell's Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism in which the interactions of positive and negative charges were shown to be regulated by one force.

= Has a spiritual equivalence to Emotions & Feelings, dominant in our youth interactions
= Characteristics of the Greek element of water and adolescent cycle/age evolution

3. Strong Force in Science, Spirituality and Evolution

= The strong force is presently understood to represent the interactions between quarks and gluons as detailed by the theory of Quantum ChromoDynamics (QCD). The strong force is the fundamental force mediated by gluons, acting upon quarks, antiquarks, and the gluons themselves. Although the strong force only acts upon elementary particles directly, the force is observed between hadrons as the nuclear force. As has been shown by many failed free quark searches, the elementary particles affected are unobservable directly. This phenomenon is called confinement, a theory which allows only hadrons to be seen. Before the 1970s, when protons and neutrons were thought to be fundamental particles, the phrase "strong force" was what is today known as the nuclear force or the residual strong force. What were being observed were the "residual" effects of the strong force, which act on hadrons, both baryons and mesons. This force was postulated to overcome the electric repulsion between protons in the nucleus, and for its strength (at short distances) it was dubbed the "strong force". After the discovery of quarks, scientists realized that the force was actually acting upon the quarks and gluons making up the protons, not the protons themselves. For some time after this realization, the older notion was referred to as the residual strong force, and the "new" strong interaction was called colour force.

= Has a spiritual equivalence to Reason, Logic, Intellect and Judgement, dominant in our middle-age interactions
= Characteristics of the Greek element of fire, youth and mid-cycle/age evolution

4. Weak Force in Science, Spirituality and Evolution

= The weak force or interaction is one of the four fundamental interactions of nature. In the Standard Model of particle physics, it is due to the exchange of the heavy W and Z bosons. Its most familiar effect is beta decay (of neutrons in atomic nuclei) and the associated radioactivity. The word "weak" derives from the fact that the field strength is some 1,013 times less than that of the strong force.

= Has a spiritual equivalence to Spiritual Awakening, ie, Intuition and Intelligence, dominant in our wise age or Wisdom interactions
= Characteristics of the Greek element of air, older and end cycle/age evolution

5. Unified Force of Love or Liberation in Science, Spirituality and Evolution

= Spirit triumphing over the entrapment of the Physical, Emotional, Reason/Logic and Intelligence Envelopes
= Characteristics of the Greek element of sky, and beyond cycles/ages freedom
= Emanating from Supra- or True-Universal Consciousness
= Underlying Advaita (Non-Duality)
= Underlying series of Haps or Events stringing together the entire energy in "The Illusory Universe", "Beyond Universe" and "Supra- or True-Universe" with no concept of Separation, Duality or Plurality
= True Universal Consciousness and True Universal Connectivity
= Infinite Love

Unified Force Realisation or Liberation

= Our Ultimate Goal
= Total Freedom
= Attaining the Omega Point
= Infinite love
= Self Realisation

The Five Point Definition of Holistic Quantum Relativity:

1. Holistic Quantum Relativity seeks to integrate Spirituality and Science and also the four forces -- gravity, electro-magnetism, strong and weak forces -- with the unifying fifth force.

2. Holistic Quantum Relativity consists of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity in its original unaltered form but enhanced by the mathematical formulation of the well-established phenomenon of spontaneity or consciousness in nature as evidenced in the observed spontaneous expansion of the universe, spontaneous conversion of mass-energy in the wave-particle duality, and spontaneity or consciousness of the human mind.

3. Since the original formulation of general relativity remains unaltered, the Holistic Quantum Relativity retains all the validity and predictability of a vast array of scientific experiments and universe observations. However, the enhancement or augmentation of general relativity by addition of an additional equation representing spontaneity or consciousness in nature not only resolves its known deficiencies and singularities, but also resolves all inconsistencies with quantum mechanics.

4. Holistic Quantum Relativity provides a mathematical framework that explains the inner workings of quantum mechanics and resolves its own unexplained paradoxes such as the Quantum Measurement or the Observer's Paradox, parallel universe, Heisenberg's uncertainty, non-locality (infinite speed of light) etc. Further, Holistic Relativity resolves the well known paradoxes of cosmology such as the Big Bang singularity, superluminous inflation, dark energy, dark matter, the paradox of time and evolution, and future of the universe etc.

5. Holistic Quantum Relativity builds a seamless bridge between science, spirituality, and religion resolving their log-standing conflicts related to creator, creation, purpose, meaning, and genuine happiness.

Albert Einstein and The Theory of Relativity

Albert Einstein said, "Herr Gott wuerfelt nicht!" which means, "God does not throw dice!" This Holistic Quantum Relativity post seeks to further the Socratic Dialogue in regard to unifying spirituality and science.

Einstein's theory of relativity deals with Newtonian physics when energies or velocities are near the speed of light. Relativity is usually thought of as modern physics since it was developed at the start of the 20th century and could only be tested in the realm available to scientists by high technology. However, relativity primarily completes the revolution that Newton started and is also highly deterministic as is much of classical physics.

In the holistic viewpoint of relativity theory, concepts such as length, mass and time take on a much more nebulous aspect than they do in the apparently rigid reality of our everyday world. However, what relativity takes away with one hand, it gives back in the form of new and truly fundamental constants and concepts.

The theory of relativity is traditionally broken into two parts, special and general relativity. Special relativity provides a framework for translating physical events and laws into forms appropriate for any inertial frame of reference. General relativity addresses the problem of accelerated motion and gravity.

Our previous posts have elaborated on the quest to unify the four forces -- gravity, electromagnetism (including light), strong and weak forces -- into one Unified Force utilising the concept of Holistic Quantum Relativity, which hinges on multiple spiritual planes and consciousness levels. The Great Spiritual Masters refer to multiple planes often: Physical, Astral, Causal (= The Universe); Par Brahmand (= Beyond Universe); and Sach Khand (= True Abode). Sant Mat (The Way of the Saints) has pointed to the Relative Permanence of visible and invisible worlds, and this is also worth noting.

In the ancient Spiritual texts of India and within the Abrahamic faiths, several concepts, metaphors and symbols are presented relating the individual to The Holy Trinity of spirit (Supra-Universal Consciousness, Universal Consciousness and Observer or Individual Consciousness) and to the four forces of matter, with seven the sum of both or the merging of spirit and matter. Other IntentBloggers have attempted to integrate the fundamental aspects of Computer Science with Spirituality.

The Accelerating Shift in Human Consciousness towards
The Universal Consciousness and Supra-Universal Consciousness Levels and Planes

For those who wish to understand the genesis of this Socratic Dialogue on IntentBlog, which has led to the preliminary efforts towards 21st Century Holistics, please visit the following strings in sequence:

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7. Holistic Relativity: Spiritual Planes & Consciousness

8. Holistic Quantum Relativity: Spirituality and Science


We look forward to your further thoughts, observations and views. Thank you.

Best wishes

For and on behalf of DK Matai, Chairman, Asymmetric Threats Contingency Alliance (ATCA)

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