"How to manage e-risk?"

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London, UK, 13/10/99, 10:00 GMT - mi2g software event advisory - mi2g software is pleased to announce the 3rd 'e-risk management'™ seminar aimed at CEOs and Finance Directors on 27th October to be held in conjunction with Reuters Group and First Tuesday. This seminar builds on the earlier e-risk™ events held in August and September, which were attended by 220 Directors and Partners from European, American and Asian organisations. The event will start at 6:00pm for 6:30pm and conclude by 7:45pm.

The speakers include:

Chairman - David Ure, Executive Director, Reuters Group

David will introduce the forum. He is the Executive Director responsible for internet, e-commerce and technical strategy at Reuters. He has been responsible for operations in Europe, Middle East and Africa. More recently he has headed the Reuters Trading Systems Division.

Introduction - Dr Simon Moores, IT Analysis - Sky News Business Report

Simon will explain the subject of "electronic attack". He is a Computer Weekly columnist and Chairman of The Microsoft Windows NT Forum. He also provides news analysis for the BBC, Bloomberg and CNBC Europe and is Chairman of The Research Group.

Keynote - DK Matai, Managing Director and Founder, mi2g software

DK will examine the types of threat from electronic attack, relate specific case studies of hacker, virus and trojan horse breach in 1999, and analyse the subsequent impact on the share price of the victimised company. He speaks from experience. mi2g has worked confidentially with several financial institutions and multi-national corporations to counter electronic attack and provides a suite of software products and services at the forefront of this field.

This is a by invitation only reception.

First contact for additional information - Nicolas Stevenson

 e-risk™, "e-risk management"™, "How to manage e-risk?"™ are trade marks of mi2g software

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