Bugbear points to future of Viruses, Worms, Trojans & Malware

news alert (excerpt)

The year 2002 saw the realization of the blended threat when malicious code like the Bugbear virus infected over two Million machines worldwide and caused over a Billion Dollars of damage. It was difficult to class Bugbear as just a virus because it demonstrated traits of spreading like a worm as well as an eMail borne virus. It also had Trojan horse capabilities and routinely transmitted information to designate IP addresses.

London, UK - 13 January 2003, 16:00 GMT - The mi2g Intelligence Unit predicts that we are heading towards an era of new generation agents - distributed intelligent malware - which will be more vicious than today's viruses or worms that spread across networked machines. The blended threat will continue to grow through the evolution of sophisticated malware purpose designed to operate effortlessly and remain undetected until a significant computing platform population has been infected. The features of the new generation malware agents will be:


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