Chinese Cyber Protest Evidence Mounts

Hacker Sitings and News

London, UK, 12th May 1999 - Following the warning by mi2g (www.mi2g.com) yesterday, evidence of Chinese Cyber Protest carries on mounting. National and commercial interests are at stake for companies within NATO countries.

The web site of a Washington based high-tech company has been cracked as a result of the NATO bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade. The cost of the damage is as yet unknown. Staff at the company found out that unauthorised access had been gained when they visited web sites for local businesses to update them. Web site graphics had been deleted and replaced by pictures of the bombing victims and highly politicised messages attacking NATO and the USA. Authorities, including US Government Agencies, are believed to be investigating the matter.

On 11th May, mi2g sources had revealed that computer hackers were continuing to attack US Government Web Sites since Saturday. Cracked sites include the internet host computers of the Energy Department, Interior Department, the National Park Service and the White House internet site. White House spokesman, Barry Toiv, has now confirmed that this was the case and the web site had been taken off-line for over 24 hours. Pictures of the cracked White House web site with anti-war English and Chinese graffiti are available from mi2g.

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