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London, UK - 10 December 2002, 16:30 GMT - Digital attacks on Norway are rising fast making this Scandinavian country the 3rd most attacked country so far in December, behind the US and Brazil. In recent months the number of overt digital attacks against Norwegian interests crossed 100 and in December they have reached 276. The average number of overt digital attacks - as opposed to scans, attempts and covert attacks - against Norwegian online systems have been about 20 per month.

Brazilian hacking groups are primarily responsible for this activity with possible motivations being criminal syndicates carrying out identity and credit card theft as well as software and data piracy. The most active Brazilian groups attacking Norway have been NHC, rya and r00t_System. The attacked online systems have been mostly Microsoft Windows - 174 - whilst only 3 were Linux based.

Norway is one of the most wired countries in the world with dense wireless and fixed wire "always on" cost effective connectivity available to small, medium and large businesses as well as most Norwegian homes.

The economic damage of these digital attacks on Norway in December is estimated at between US $26 to $32 Million by EVEDA. In contrast to Norway, other Scandinavian countries such as Sweden, Denmark and Finland demonstrated a decline in the number of digital attacks reported in December.


EVEDA collects its information from a variety of open sources and calculates the economic damage associated with a particular digital attack based on a unique set of algorithms developed by the mi2g SIPS team in conjunction with risk analysts.

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