Cyber Warfare

News Digest - III

23rd April 1999 - 9th May 1999

 Friday 23rd April 1999: Beating the Cyber Threat
Bank security now has to include prevention against hackers or cyber attack, a threat which one specialist puts higher than Y2K risks. [European Banker].

 Tuesday 27th April 1999: UK Government Exposed to Hackers
Lax security in e-mail servers is putting the UK government at risk of cyber attack. "One area of security can undermine all your good efforts in other areas. Even a good firewall won't protect you if you're running an insecure mail server." [Silicon.com].

 Wednesday 28th April 1999: Millennium Bug could Strike Now
Press Release revealing a real possibility that the Millennium Bug could cause chaos at any time. "Time forwarding or resetting of a network's internal clocks, through Cyber Attack or special viruses is a major fear for non-compliant Y2K businesses, as this accelerates the Millennium Bug forward." [mi2g].

 Wednesday 5th May 1999: Hackers Pose Bigger Threat than Y2K
Western governments and businesses are more at risk from hackers than they are from the millennium bug, according to a survey from the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS). Increasing dependence on computer networks in military operations, communications, banking, finance and transport means that security problems are potentially much more dangerous than the millennium bug. [Silicon.com].

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