Cyber Warfare

News Digest I

11th January - 9th April 1999

Monday 11th January 1999: Cyber Warfare Report
mi2g publishes internal memorandum on the threat to Government, Business and Financial Markets arising out of the acts of hacking and the associated repercussions. [mi2g]

Tuesday 26th January 1999: Clinton Commits $1.46bn to Fight Cyber Terrorism
President Clinton announces a $1.46 Billion initiative to improve US Government computer security that aims to protect against terrorist attacks that might target the nation's infrastructure. In addition the president called for a Cyber Corps to allow federal agencies to train personnel to handle and prevent computer crises. [CNN]

Tuesday 30th March 1999: Cyber Warfare Risk Far Exceeds The Millennium Bug
Press Release on the risk associated with Cyber Warfare overtaking the Millennium Bug for financial institutions, government and military establishments. [mi2g]

Thursday 8th April 1999: Serbian Cyber Attack Intensifies on NATO
Press Release on the danger that Serbian and sympathetic Russian hackers could attack civilian targets. This follows confirmation from the Department of Defense (DoD) in the US and the NATO command in Europe that Serbian hackers attacked their computer network by flooding the network with empty ping packets and computer viruses. [mi2g]

Friday 9th April 1999: Banks Warned of Serbian Hackers
The West's financial institutions are warned that they could soon face a co-ordinated assault by Serbian Hackers. D K Matai, Managing Director of mi2g states, "over the last ten days we have noticed a huge upsurge in the number of people seeking information that would allow them to hack into computer networks of British and American companies." [London Evening Standard]

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