London, UK - 8th June 2017, 13:25 GMT

DISCLOSURE: The author is neither a Labour party member nor a Labour party supporter.


In the beginning they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win! - Gandhi

Unprecedented Crowds Listening To Corbyn

1. We project a Labour-led coalition in Scenario ONE (more likely); an outright victory for Jeremy Corbyn's Labour in Scenario TWO (likely); or a Conservative-led coalition in Scenario THREE (less likely); based on digital polling data collected almost daily over last three weeks. Please note that this is NOT an absolute forecast and anything can happen on 8 June 2017 to alter the present dynamic. The mi2g Intelligence Unit and the ATCA 5000 Research and Analysis Wing were accurate in predicting the Brexit result and Trump's win in 2016.

2. Wave upon wave of adulation and support is consolidating around Corbyn as he pulls unprecedented and ever larger crowds between 10,000 and 25,000 willing to stand in the rain to create history. In the age of androids, artificial intelligence and robots, Corbyn comes across as human and is drawing unprecedented numbers easily dwarfing 1997. The Main Stream Media (MSM) is conveniently ignoring those crowd numbers.

3. There are large numbers of traditional Labour and Conservative voters who do not approve of either Corbyn or May as their leader. As a result, many Labour and Tory voters may abstain from voting on Thursday. What matters is the large number of young voters who have no concern about the dire financial consequences to the UK economy of a Labour-party run government which is making bold promises but appears not to give substantive answers as to how they are going to pay for this increased set of expenditures.

4. A coalition government is plausible in Scenarios ONE and THREE but an outright Tory landslide is unlikely to materialise as Scenario FOUR because of mass abstentions not off-set by the galvanisation of the younger generation towards Conservatives by May.

5. The Conservative party manifesto, written in anticipation of a landslide victory, has not proved to be popular in terms of perceptions amongst the elderly and the younger generation. The campaign is perceived as robotic. There is broad public disapproval of the Prime Minister cosying up to Trump and multiple rapid retractions and U-turns of Conservative party manifesto promises.

6. The Labour party manifesto is promising a number of social benefits, heath care, safety and security improvements as well as free higher education. All those incentives are clear vote winners.

7. Corbyn shows empathy towards the less privileged, who are the majority, and understands that their challenges are bigger than Brexit and he can't be a one trick pony relying solely on a Brexit focus during the election campaign. The reality of leaving the European Union via a hard Brexit and the risks of not reaching an acceptable deal after two years may have dawned on the British voters, many of whom see this election on Thursday 8 June as an opportunity to potentially reverse the referendum result's most harmful consequences.

8. Some of the Conservative party members and associates are busy undermining their own Supreme Leader including those from the previous regime of Messrs Cameron and Osborne who campaigned to keep the UK in Europe and may feel harshly treated.

9. The Main Stream Media (MSM) polls can be fundamentally flawed and the MSM is biased against Corbyn and also to some extent against May. Many in MSM got Brexit and Trump wrong, and they may get Corbyn wrong, because they appear not to understand momentum and cumulative waves.

10. Corbyn's plain talking appears to be winning the trust of the British people and there is a grass roots movement taking shape swiftly. It remains to be seen if the millennials will actually come out and physically vote for their chosen leader. Corbyn is seen as their man, not a man of the establishment. It is plausible that a new government, formed after 8 June, may not last long and it may not be stable, leading to a second general election.

Key Questions: Why did the UK Prime Minister call a general election when she had three more years to go? Does her decision to call a snap election when she had previously undertaken not to call one put her credibility at stake?



Source: QiLabs.net 1. Funding Form 2. Involvement Form 3. iQ:Ei Club

What are your thoughts, observations and views? We are keen to listen and to learn.

Best wishes

D K Matai

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