London, UK - 8th April 2020, 18:30 GMT

To understand the most vicious part of Corona's attack it is important to understand what's a Cytokine Release and what happens in a Cytokine Storm. Simply put, Cytokines are protein compounds produced by the body’s immune system that attack and remove foreign bodies. The problem is that when a foreign body -- such as the Corona virus -- is immune to certain Cytokines, the body sees that its immune response is not working and tries even harder, which can lead to what is called a Cytokine storm, where the body becomes flooded with these protein compounds and the Cytokines eventually destroy the vital organs within the body and the body itself.

Cytokine storms explain why some people, like myself at the age of 52, had a severe reaction to my exposure to the Corona virus 20 days ago, while my wife, 44, only experienced mild symptoms. Cytokine storms are probably the reason why younger people are less affected, as their own systems are less developed, and so produce lower levels of inflammation-driving Cytokines. It is also interesting to note that elderly people in their 70s and 80s are more susceptible to succumbing to the Corona virus and dying because of out-of-control Cytokine storms. Children, on the other hand, benefit from their lack of exposure to Corona-type viruses generally. Children do not have antibodies, including certain Cytokines, to fight against Corona-type viruses. Those antibodies in adults could actually leave adults worse off, because they are not exactly matched to the new Corona virus, Covid19. Unmatched antibodies and inflammation-causing over-production of Cytokines, can do more harm than good!


It is believed that Cytokine storms were responsible for the disproportionate number of adult deaths during the 1918-1920 Spanish influenza pandemic, which killed 50 to 100 million people globally. Spanish 'flu was also a #Corona virus like #Covid19. We have done extensive research into the Spanish influenza when evolving our global super-computing models for Corona cases, fatalities, scenarios and projections for financial insitutions, large businesses and professional firms. Cytokine storm is the key pathway to Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome (MODS) after a Corona infection and sepsis. It is imperative to understand how to deal with a Cytokine Storm in the context of the Corona pandemic if tens of thousands of lives are to be saved in the first wave of the attack and millions more in subsequent waves.

Cytokine release and Cytokine storm are inflammatory responses that are triggered by a variety of factors including viral infections such as Corona. Cytokine storm occurs when large numbers of white blood cells are activated and release inflammatory Cytokines, which in turn activate yet more white blood cells. Symptoms include fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, muscle and joint pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, rashes, fast breathing, rapid heartbeat, low blood pressure, seizures, headache, confusion, delirium, hallucinations, tremor, and loss of co-ordination. My wife and I, as well as many friends and victims of Corona in the Far-East, South Asia, Middle-East, Europe, Africa and Americas have experienced some of these symptoms with the manifestation of Corona.


Out of 100s of recommended remedies we tried over the next few days, as my condition deteriorated severely, we found some to be highly effective very quickly, most not so, and many that ended up exacerbating symptoms and are therefore best AVOIDED. We took expert medical advice and I was personally advised to isolate myself and not to go to hospital until the situation was such that we could not manage at home. Our journey -- presented in diary form almost daily -- chronicles the hazardous and treacherous road to recovery which has precipitated two personal emergency crises along the way. The need to go to hospital via ambulance was narrowly avoided on both occasions; and this was achieved by launching aggressive counter-attacks on Corona and associated Cytokine release and Cytokine storm; not resting until the spiking symptoms causing the suffering had not been flattened significantly. Personal flattening-the-spike war in which the battle-fields were our own bodies and minds invaded by very strong and relentless Corona enemy forces, millions of invisible aliens and predators, giving birth to more of their type inside our bodies everyday, particularly in our respiratory systems -- nasal chamber, throat and lungs.


Here's what works to deal with Corona induced Cytokine release and Cytokine storm:

1. Be Positive – If you have stress or anxiety attacks during a Corona invasion based on symptoms and/or checks please affirm to yourself that you can triumph over Corona;

2. Be Proactive – Go out there and fight Corona actively and Cytokine release and storms by implementing a new disciplined regime immediately in your life to counter-attack;

3. Single Mission and Priority – Turn the counter-attack against the Corona invasion into your main priority and mission in life -- avoid work and other tasks;

4. Confrontation – Counter Corona at every step and do not surrender the respiratory system -- your nasal chamber, your throat and your lungs -- to Corona invaders given that it is the predominant breeding ground of the virus and a patient may suffer due to the body’s over production of mucous in this area;

5. Meditation and Relaxation – Do not stress yourself under any circumstances it may initiate a more intense Cytokine storm which may prove fatal. Meditate whenever you can; sleep when you are tired;

6. Prayer – Build hope via your belief system in God, a Higher Power, or Nature, that this crisis too shall pass and avoid negative thoughts and depression;

7. Deep Breathing – Especially in a steam filled shower cubicle / bathroom or from a vessel emanating steam from hot water;

8. Moderate Activity and Exercise – Keep the blood flow going and maintain healthy regular breathing. Exercise in moderation. Too much exercise is stressful on the body and can be tough on our immune system;

9. Take foods that contain substances that are natural antivirals, immune boosters or help decrease cytokines, whilst AVOIDING others that do the reverse;

10. Curcumin (Tumeric Spice) – Decreases the production of Cytokines. This is the yellow compound in the turmeric spice;

11. Garlic (Allicin) – Antiviral. Best if fresh (raw) and crushed. Must be consumed within 1 hour of crushing;

12. Eat the Rainbow – Fresh fruits and veggies. Colourful plants are rich in different vitamins that enhance our immune system. Fresh vegetables likes Broccoli and Spinach;

13. Vitamin C – Boosts the immune system. An antiviral blocking the enzyme Neuraminadase. Viruses need Neuraminadase to reproduce;

14. Vitamin D and D3 – Crucial role in the immune system. Enhances the local capacity of the epithelium to produce endogenous antibiotics. Dampens destructive arms of the immune response leading to acute inflammation, such as Cytokine storms, which can lead to Corona finishing off the victim quickly;

15. Vitamin E – Immunity booster. Decreases the production of Cytokines. Very suitable for immune compromised people, especially the elderly. Effects enhanced when taken with Vitamin C;

16. Green Tea and Macha Tea – Very effective antivirals and anti-bacterials. Also decrease the production of Cytokines. Inhibit neuraminidase;

17. Tulsi Tea - Known and worshipped in India for more than 5,000 years for its remarkable healing properties. Considered as an 'Elixir of Life', this wonder herb keeps deadly viral infections at bay and help fast recovery in afflicted persons;

18. Apple Juice – Antiviral. Fresh apple juice including the pulp and skin has greater antiviral activity than heated commercial apple juice;

19. Alkaline Foods – Avocado, Garlic, Pineapple, Lemon juice + Baking soda;

20. St Johns Wort (Hypericum) – Antiviral. Decreases production of Cytokines.

21. Nuts – Pistachios, Walnuts and Almonds – Reduce inflammation;

22. Zinc and Selenium – Zinc has been shown to have direct activity against a range of viruses. Zinc is a mild to moderate inhibitor of neuraminidase. Zinc ions have been shown to have a slight inhibitory action on all strains of neuraminidase. Zinc can also turn down many cytokines involved in over reaction to Corona and other viruses.

23. Resveratrol – Antiviral. In addition to inhibiting neuraminidase, Resveratrol also sends a message to cells to stop manufacturing viruses. This is a proven antiviral found naturally in peanuts, mulberries, Japanese Knotwood root (richest source), raisins, red grapes, grape leaf. Reserveratol supplements are also available.

24. AVOID Meat – your body is not likely to be able to digest this food as well while it's fighting off an infection;

25. AVOID Echinacea, Elderberry, Chocolate, Ginseng, ordinary Honey (not Manuka Honey in small quantities), Kimchi, Micro Algae – Chlorella and Spirulina – which increase production of Cytokines;

26. AVOID Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) such as ibuprofen;

27. AVOID Dairy products, particularly unpasteurised milk based soft cheeses with fungus or mould around them such as Brie and Camembert, and Bananas which increase mucous in the respiratory tract;

28. AVOID All Toxins – Chlorinated Drinking Water, Pesticides, Aromatic Hydrocarbons (such as Air Fresheners), Heavy metals, Air pollution, and Food additives can be devastating for the immune system. For example, mycotoxins from mould are notorious for destroying the immune system. Many other toxins have negative effects on immunity as well;

29. AVOID Colloidal Silver – While silver will likely work to kill virus infections, in many healthy individuals it is likely to elicit a severe cytokine storm reaction;

30. AVOID Calcium and Magnesium – Increases the activity of neuraminidases; and

31. AVOID Alcohol, Sugar, Cannabis, Processed Meat, Vegetable Oils – Inflammatory foods busy the immune system with Cytokines, leaving other problems in the body unaddressed; increasing inflammation and impairing the oxidative balance.

32. Above all don't forget to be thankful and grateful for all that you have. Happy Fighting against Corona! Good luck and be triumphant!

This is an on-going and evolving list. We are grateful to each one of you and are conscious that it is only with that kind of joint effort of sharing counter-measures as One Humanity can we triumph against the Corona pandemic by building a greater understanding of countering the Corona attack and associated Cytokine release and Cytokine storms.


This briefing is part of a personal diary I write -- mostly by hand -- on which steps my wife and myself have been taking to counter the vicious "one thousand arrows in the chest" Corona-virus invasion. We now realise I experienced a severe Cytokine storm on the day of the attack. That surprise Corona attack took place on Thursday 7:00am on 19 March 2020 in London, when I was ambushed by several hundred people in a densely overcrowded super market where most aisles were being stripped bare by panic buyers right before our eyes as if the world was ending on the morrow. Rugby tackles were taking place, some had fallen to the floor, shopping trollies hit myself and my wife several times in our backs and some infected individuals breathed directly towards my nose and mouth and the air coming directly from their mouths was smelling rancid and putrid. I asked my wife to run and get out of the supermarket's cold section as soon as possible. It felt we were in a morgue and there was the smell of rotten flesh particularly in the refrigerated dairy section. This deteriorated air quality left me gasping for breath, in shock and in severe pain. By the time we had paid for the very few grocery items we found, I began to collapse with severe pain in my chest at multiple points; nausea and sudden disorientation. As we came out, we both took 1000mg of Vitamin C on the spot to be able to get back home. It helped a little but not a lot. The attack was spreading and the invasion was accelerating within myself on the way back. I knew I was collapsing and barely made it home.


Those panicked shoppers in the super market were not altogether wrong. Within a few days, the world as we knew it and our collective psyche have changed for ever; a full lockdown was announced in London and across the UK. It seems as if we tripped in the middle of the night, half asleep, into a different type of World War, in which country after country's put into lockdown with ordinary citizens imprisoned in their own homes for their own health and safety. On the 20th day of personally fighting the debilitating and disorientating Corona attack, I can confirm that with The Grace of the Great Spiritual Masters, all your blessings and good wishes from around the world, my wife (who was also infected) and myself are now feeling stronger. We are still in the Corona war zone both endogenous and exogenous. We would not have been successful in winning some of the battles with Corona -- with attendant Cytokine release and Cytokine storms -- had it not been for a number of specialist medical experts with front-line experience in dealing with the Corona pandemic in China, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Switzerland, Italy, UK and USA. We also benefited from personal communications we received from a number of victims of Corona infections who shared their detailed case studies on what happened to them, their families and work colleagues. We thank all the expert sources and Corona victims who have helped us in our journey to win several battles against the Corona menace, as the non-stop world war rages.

In particular, we would like to thank our decades old dear friend Dr Deepak Chopra, MD, based in New York and California, for his clear and lucid explanation of Cytokine storms on the telephone and via articles.

Best wishes




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What are your thoughts, observations and views? We are keen to listen and to learn.

Best wishes

D K Matai

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