Google's GDrive mimics mi2g D2-Banking Innovation

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London, UK - 8 March 2006, 10:30 GMT - Google appears to have copied one major strand of mi2g's D2-Banking software innovation, which is part of a decade long mi2g project -- christened "Operation Kitty Hawk" -- according to leaked blogs about its GDrive "Infinite Storage" initiative.

Announced to the world on 17th December 2003, the same day as the first centenary of the Wright Brothers' powered flight from Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, mi2g's D2-Banking -- Data custody and Digital banking -- service is the guaranteed custody of genomic maps and medical records; art, photo, music and video collections; personal files including wills, deeds and memoirs; and other intellectual property alongside traditional financial services in a remarkably similar fashion to Google's GDrive. The public announcement is available from here.

mi2g's Executive Chairman, DK Matai, said "We had contacted Google a number of times in regard to our D2-Banking software innovation in late 2003, post launch, and 2004 via their website and even furnished them with an executive summary marked for the attention of their CEO Eric Schmidt but received no response. We are surprised to note that they are clandestinely developing a service remarkably similar to the one we alerted to them as a new business initiative, which they solicited at that time on their website." A copy of the Executive Summary is available from here.

According to various media sources, Google is planning a massive online storage facility to encompass all users' files, the GDrive. The plans were allegedly revealed accidentally after a blogger spotted notes in a slideshow presentation wrongly published on Google's site. The GDrive, previously the subject of chatroom rumour, would offer a mirror of users' hard drives. Google has declined to comment on the reports but said the slide notes had now been deleted. In the notes, chief executive Eric Schmidt reportedly said Google's aim was to "store 100%" of users' information. The notes said: "With infinite storage, we can house all user files, including e-mails, web history, pictures, bookmarks, etc; and make it accessible from anywhere (any device, any platform, etc)."

mi2g reserves the right to run its D2-Banking services unencumbered. Further, it reserves the right to make a claim in the future that Google may have copied its innovation. mi2g has provided public domain evidence that it had announced its software innovation on 17th December 2003. mi2g is seeking legal advice in regard to next steps.


mi2g is at the leading edge of building secure on-line banking, broking and trading architectures. The principal applications of our technology are:

1. D2-Banking;
2. Digital Risk Management; and
3. Bespoke Security Architecture.

mi2g pioneers enterprise-wide security practices and technology to save time and cut cost. We enhance comparative advantage within financial services and government agencies. Our real time intelligence is deployed worldwide for contingency capability, executive decision making and strategic threat assessment.

The January 2006 SIPS report is now available and can be ordered from here. mi2g Research Methodology: The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) List is available from here in pdf. Please note terms and conditions of use listed on www.mi2g.net.

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