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Psion Launches Personal PDA Policy to Preserve Corporate Security Guide To

Thursday March 8, Psion has launched a guide to help companies manage the roll-out of mobile devices securely and successfully in the workplace. Having spoken to IT directors concerned about how to integrate mobile devices and applications into office systems, Psion has produced guidelines on personnel, technical and security issues for IT teams and systems administrators thinking of implementing a handheld computing policy.

Psion warns that companies that do not monitor the use of individual handheld devices could be leaving their entire networks open to security risks. The guide includes advice on which type of PDA to choose, how to avoid viruses being spread from handhelds to the corporate network and how to ensure maximum security of company documents.The guidelines can be tailored to an individual company, but Psion advises IT departments to audit employees' use of handhelds and then go on to design their own policy.

"Now is the time to set the standards, before mobile devices are so pervasive that businesses no longer have control," said Craig Swallow, international sales director at Psion. "A lot of people are buying palmtop devices and then bringing them into the office for business use. Companies need to know what equipment staff are using so they can promote better ways of working with them." Businesses risk not only security breaches, but over-spending and inefficient working practices if they do not set down regulations for users.

As the range of peripherals and handheld computing products increases, Psion's guidelines will help make businesses aware of the issues they face when it comes to implementing a PDA policy in the workplace.

"Although some of the handhelds on the market are great for pure personal and consumer use, the real future will be in the functionality that can maximise business and professional working practices," Swallow continued. "Policies should be based on the potential for harm as well as creativity and flexibility. Laptop use and abuse has been pretty much taped up, but this is a new phenomenon which has to be caught on to now."

"Powerful mobile devices demand particular security vigilance as the threat from virus and hacking attacks through a mobile workforce continue to escalate. We feel that this is the right time to raise the PDA policy issue as handhelds are becoming crucial to most global enterprises," said D K Matai, managing director at mi2g. "More powerful machines are able to execute a continuous security shield without noticeable user discomfort so it is better to invest in such machines at a corporate level."

Notes to Editors:

About Psion: Psion Plc is the world leader in mobile digital computing and communications with a well-earned reputation for innovation and technological leadership. Psion designs, develops, manufactures and markets handheld computing products for enterprise, consumer and industrial markets. Psion has a world-wide distribution network comprised of sales companies in the USA, Germany and Holland, as well as more than 50 independent overseas distributors. Psion is the majority shareholder of Symbian Ltd. Psion's mobile computing devices are ideally suited to wide-scale deployment within organisations seeking to empower their workforce with secure mobile access to information over the Internet or Intranet. This, coupled with a wide choice of mobile working solutions from the likes of Oracle, Extended Systems and Citrix, creates numerous opportunities for the deployment of these devices.

Further information about Psion Plc can be found at http://www.psion.com.
For Psion customer enquiries, please contact: Customer Services Tel: +44 (0) 870 1010500 or Fax: +44 (0) 20 7317 4226

About mi2g software: mi2g software works with major financial institutions in the banking, insurance and reinsurance sectors to change and e-enable their entire business. mi2g's e-business solutions engineering pays particular regard to security. It is focussed on the management of e-risk and incorporates bespoke security architecture. mi2g software builds highly secure intranets and extranets, e-commerce communities and data warehouses that are specifically constructed for data mining, Customer Relationship Management and cross-selling.

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