ATCA 5000: What's Next With UK Elections?

Press Conference With Deputy Prime Minister and Chief Secretary to Treasury: Hosted by ATCA 5000

Headlines from the press event sponsored by ATCA 5000 and the mi2g Intelligence Unit for the Deputy Prime Minister and Chief Secretary to the Treasury at Level 52, The Shangri-la Hotel at The Shard, the tallest building in Western Europe. As Michael Crick for C4 News remarked on Twitter, “Was this the highest press conference ever in British political history?”

What's Next With UK Elections?

Deputy PM and Chief Secretary to Treasury: Press Conference

The landmark event was attended and covered by the following media:

1. BBC

2. BBC News

3. Bloomberg

4. Channel 4

5. Channel 5

6. Daily Mail

7. European Press Photo Agency

8. Getty Images

9. ITV

10. Newsnight

11. Politics

12. Sky

13. The Guardian

14. The Independent

15. The Herald

16. The Sun

17. The Times

18. The Wall Street Journal

19. Thompson Reuters

ATCA 5000 and the mi2g Intelligence Unit hosted the Liberal Democrats as they announced their economic policy for the next Parliament. Both the Deputy Prime Minster Nick Clegg and the Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander spoke at the event, and took questions from the media. This was a significant event of the 2015 General Election as the Lib Dems were the first party to set out details of their fiscal plans. They set out how the party plans to deliver a stronger UK economy and a fairer society, with a clear plan for balancing the books, as well as protecting the vulnerable. The party emphasised the need to provide stability, to finish the job, and finish it fairly, getting the balance right and investing in public services for the future.

Similar events will be sponsored by ATCA 5000 for other political parties at London landmarks leading up to the general election in the United Kingdom to promote Socratic dialogue.

Read the full briefing at ATCA 5000.com.


What are your thoughts, observations and views? We are keen to listen and to learn.

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D K Matai

ATCA: The Asymmetric Threats Contingency Alliance is a philanthropic expert initiative founded in 2001 to resolve complex global challenges through collective Socratic dialogue and joint executive action to build a wisdom based global economy. Adhering to the doctrine of non-violence, ATCA addresses asymmetric threats and social opportunities arising from climate chaos and the environment; radical poverty and microfinance; geo-politics and energy; organised crime & extremism; advanced technologies -- bio, info, nano, robo & AI; demographic skews and resource shortages; pandemics; financial systems and systemic risk; as well as transhumanism and ethics. Present membership of ATCA is by invitation only and has over 5,000 distinguished members from over 120 countries: including 1,000 Parliamentarians; 1,500 Chairmen and CEOs of corporations; 1,000 Heads of NGOs; 750 Directors at Academic Centres of Excellence; 500 Inventors and Original thinkers; as well as 250 Editors-in-Chief of major media.

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