Over 100 UK Parliamentarians call for end to slaughter in Gaza

London, UK - 7th January 2009, 00:38 GMT

Dear ATCA Open & Philanthropia Friends

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Dear ATCA Open and Philanthropia Friends

We are grateful to Richard Burden, Member of Parliament, United Kingdom; Chair of the Britain-Palestine All Party Parliamentary Group; and distinguished ATCA Contributor for his submission:

Dear DK and Colleagues

Over 100 UK Parliamentarians from different parties have so far signed a statement demanding an end to the slaughter in Gaza. The statement calls for an immediate ceasefire, an embargo on the supply of military equipment to both sides and for urgent intervention by the international community to stop the humanitarian catastrophe which is unfolding.

The continuing slaughter in Gaza is an outrage. The international community has to make clear that respecting its calls for a ceasefire is not simply an optional extra for those launching attacks on either side. International humanitarian law must be upheld. That means protecting civilians from military attack. Common humanity also demands that food, medicines and other essential supplies must be allowed to get through to the one and a half million people who are under siege.

The statement – below – was first published on 31st December 2008. It has now (as at 16:00 GMT on 06 January 2009) been signed by 106 Parliamentarians: 97 Members of Parliament and 9 Members of the House of Lords.


Israel's continuing massive military strikes on Gaza are an outrage that the international community must not allow to continue. Palestinian rocket attacks which traumatise the lives of communities in Southern Israel are also utterly unacceptable. Both sides must cease fire.

Israel's actions are disproportionate and counter productive to achieving either security for the people of Israel or peace in the Middle East. Physicians for Human Rights (Israel) have warned that "targeting of civilians and of medical facilities is a breach of international humanitarian law. The targets chosen by the Israeli military include also clearly civilian installations."

Gaza is one of the poorest and most densely populated places on earth. For the last two years, the blockade and previous Israeli strikes had already disrupted electricity supplies and access to clean water. Even before the current attack, Gaza's health system was near collapse. Hospitals are short of medicines, blood and essential equipment. Only half of Gaza's 58 ambulances are functioning.

We call on the international community, and especially the High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention, to intervene to stop the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in Gaza. We call for an immediate ceasefire by all parties and for an embargo on the supply of military equipment to both sides. The international community must also assert unambiguously that there is no military route to peace in the Middle East and redouble its efforts to create a secure and independent state of Palestine alongside a secure and independent Israel.


HOUSE OF COMMONS: Nick Ainger, Danny Alexander, John Austin, Norman Baker, Anne Begg, Roger Berry, Clive Betts, Roberta Blackman-Woods, Peter Bottomley, Colin Breed, Lyn Brown, Karen Buck, Richard Burden, Lorely Burt, Alistair Carmichael, David Chaytor, Katy Clark, David Clelland, Harry Cohen, Michael Connarty, Derek Conway, Frank Cook, Jeremy Corbyn, Ann Cryer, Jim Devine, Jim Dobbin, Frank Dobson, Jim Dowd, David Drew, Mark Durkan, Clive Efford, Natascha Engel, Paul Flynn, Hywel Francis, Neil Gerrard, Ian Gibson, Roger Godsiff, Nia Griffith, Nick Harvey, John Hemming, David Heyes, Simon Hughes, Brian Iddon, Eric Illsley, Lynne Jones, Sir Gerald Kaufman, Sally Keeble, Peter Kilfoyle, Susan Kramer, Norman Lamb, Mark Lazarowicz, John Leech, David Lepper, Tom Levitt, Martin Linton, Tony Lloyd, Andy Love, Judy Mallaber, Rob Marris, Chris McCafferty, John McDonnell, Anne Moffat, Madeleine Moon, Michael Moore, Doug Naysmith, Edward O'Hara, Nick Palmer, Andrew Pelling, Steve Pound, Ken Purchase, Andy Reed, Alan Reid, Linda Riordan, Martin Salter, Mohammad Sarwar, Alison Seabeck, Virendra Sharma, Jim Sheridan, Clare Short, Marsha Singh, Andy Slaughter, Andrew Smith, Angela C Smith, Sir Peter Soulsby, Phyllis Starkey, Jo Swinson, Ian Taylor, David Taylor, Sarah Teather, Robert Walter, Steve Webb, Mike Weir, Alan Whitehead, Stephen Williams, Hywel Williams, Derek Wyatt, Tim Yeo.

HOUSE OF LORDS: Bishop of Winchester, Lord Cope of Berkeley, Lord Luce, The Right Reverend Michael Scott-Joynt, Lord Hylton, Lord Wright of Richmond, Baroness Northover, Baroness Tonge, Lord Sheikh of Cornhill.

Richard Burden, MP


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Best wishes

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