New Policy Notice

mi2g's “inner sanctum” membership has become a paid service. The "inner sanctum" members receive digital risk news alerts based on the SIPS database. The subscription is GBP 100 per month per user seat and is payable on a quarterly basis. Any bespoke queries made to the SIPS engine via the Intelligence Unit have a separate handling charge of GBP 150.

mi2g’s intelligence has been referenced by the BBC, CNN, Reuters, Time, Financial Times, The Economist and many other international news media.

Membership entails a 10% discount for the mi2g SIPS Executive Summary (GBP 500 per user seat copy) or SIPS Full Report (GBP 1,500 per user seat copy) which is issued every month. Members also have access to restricted mi2g events at a 10% discount, gratis research excerpts from time to time as well as privileged access to all digital risk announcements.

In order to become a member of the “inner sanctum”, please contact Intelligence Unit.

Note: VAT will be added to all purchases where applicable. All amounts are payable in advance. mi2g reserves the right to refuse to offer membership to the “inner sanctum” or SIPS research. mi2g also reserves the right to publish some “inner sanctum” news alerts on its web site 30 days after initial release to the inner sanctum. The headline excerpt may be published online immediately. Terms and conditions may alter without prior notice.

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