Transitioning from the 'Lucky' Water Dragon to the 'Wise' Snake -- 2012 to 2013 -- A Chinese Perspective

London, UK - 4th November 2012, 19:45 GMT

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Speaking to a senior Chinese delegation recently about Hurricane Sandy's ongoing impact on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States including New York and New Jersey, we were struck by the remark that water on earth and floods are not entirely inconsistent with 2012, the year of the "Water Dragon" according to Chinese metaphysics. In parallel, as we approach the end of the year 2012, believers and sceptics alike are studying the Mayan calendar and Eschatology: the branch of theology concerned with final events or the end of the world. As a myriad of experts and self-styled prophets announce the impending end of the world on December 21st, 2012, the day that marks the winter solstice, we wondered what the Chinese delegation might have to say on this subject.

Lightning Strikes the Statue of Liberty, New York City

Chinese Metaphysical Perspective

Specifically the Chinese delegation said: "The year of the Yang Water Dragon, 2012, is symbolised by two elements: Water sitting on top of Earth. Events that match the nature of the Yang Water Dragon are conflicts, water disasters and earthquakes... the Yang Water this year symbolises the ocean, its power, dynamic force and strong energy on top of the Dragon or Earth. It could be the destructive forces of nature, such as those unleashed by Hurricane Sandy, or it can be the impulse and drive to press for social, political and economic change. The 2012 Water Dragon is most likely also to bestow the Chinese 'Five Blessings' of harmony, virtue, riches, fulfilment and longevity, in its tail adding even more weight to the growing belief that 2012 will ultimately be about breakthroughs and not about calamities. The Yang Water is also symbolic of intelligence, courage, generosity and charity. If this energy is guided in a positive direction, it can bring fast pace rewards towards progress and reform."


Unlike the other animals of the Chinese zodiac, the Dragon is a mythical creature, and the sign of good luck and vital health. Unlike the frightening Dragons of Western mythology, Chinese Dragons are benevolent creatures who live in the heavens and command the cosmos, wind, mist, rain, thunder and lightning.

Better Future and Spiritual Era Unfolds

It probably will come as no surprise but swimming against the current, the Chinese actually predict a better future for humanity. According to their 6,000 year old art, our planet should progress quite nicely in the transition from 2012 to 2013 and beyond. According to the Chinese: 2012 and 2013 correspond to the ‘Lucky’ Dragon, and the ‘Wise’ Snake years: the Dragon and the Snake together make up the life-palace of Spirituality. As a result, 2012 opens communication to the inner spiritual planes -- as above, so below -- and the opportunity for humanity to become more transparent, introspective and to receive Cosmic Divine guidance. The end of 2012 will be a very special time for humankind as humanity lets the Dragon lend its wings to progress beyond what we think is possible for ourselves and this will be characterised by a new wave of transparency. The reward will be an understanding of personal, family and societal truths that may, very well, change our lives forever. Predictions for this transition from 2012 to 2013 are that this is a critical transition period for the consciousness of humanity and it will begin to lead us into a new spiritual era.

No Apocalypse?

There may be earthquakes, floods, fires, hurricanes and tornadoes, conflicts, and so on during the near future, but according to the Chinese calendar and astral picture from the oriental perspective; there is nothing that would indicate an apocalypse or the end of the world as we know it. As was the case in the previous Dragon year of 2000, twelve years ago, we find ourselves, yet again, bombarded by prophets of doom preaching apocalypse. Twelve years ago, as the millennium change of 2000 approached, computer experts warned of a coming collapse. This, of course, didn’t occur, but some of the "fixes" and patches put into place in hopes of circumventing problems, did cause some small computer problems of their own!

Celebrations and Higher Consciousness

Think about this: Dragon years are traditionally filled with Pageantry, Festivals and elaborate Celebrations. From Her Majesty's Golden Jubilee Celebrations to the Olympics and Paralympics in London that brought humanity together, this rings true. These years hold potential extravagance, grandiose ambitions and futuristic enterprises which soar to the forefront with drama. The essence of Dragon years is 'unpredictability’, and so we need to let go, relax and to enjoy the moment if possible. The average Dragon year is exhausting, bringing both spectacular victories and some memorable defeats. 2012 has been creating opportunities via joint celebration and adversity to awaken our own higher consciousness and eliminate negativity, limitations and dis-ease from our lives.

The Wise Snake

The Chinese delegation was quick to point out that just wait until 2013's philosophical Snake year approaches bringing with it, cosmic awareness, sage spirituality, and integration with the Source. The last five Dragon years were 1952 (Water Dragon), 1964 (Wood Dragon), 1976 (Fire Dragon), 1988 (Earth Dragon) and 2000 (Metal Dragon).


Adding to the scepticism of the scientific perspective in regard to the doom-mongering associated with the Mayan calendar, Chinese metaphysics seems to suggest that there may be more water related and earth related disasters in 2012 but this is unlikely to be on an apocalyptic scale and humanity will continue to evolve and to develop towards greater transparency and spiritual connectivity. At the same time, there is no escaping the fact that sea levels are rising relentlessly year-in year-out and have been doing so for decades. It is inappropriate to continue to ignore the elephant in the room which is greater Climate Chaos and the series of major and minor catastrophes that continue to unfold because of it. In view of this, there may be every merit in preparing our defences for flooding and water-related disasters now occurring with increasing frequency. However, there is no need to panic in regard to an apocalypse just yet!


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