Web Site Attacks Slow Down in Wake of September 11

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Friday, 4th January 2002 - According to mi2g, the number of web site defacements slumped significantly during September, as well as in November, of last year.

The IT security research firm, which has been monitoring web sites since 1996, says that media reports of new anti-terrorist legislation introduced on both sides of the Atlantic is almost certainly the reason for the defacement numbers diminishing.

During September, mi2g says that the number of site defacements hit a low for 2001 of 815, compared to a monthly high of 3,853 in May. During October, the defacement figures ramped back up to 2,700, only to fall once more to 1,632 in November, and back to 3,038 in December.

Despite the slump in the wake of the terrorist attacks in the U.S., the security research firm says that the number of web sites defaced globally has risen fourfold, from 7,629 in 2000 to 30,388 in 2001. And since 1999 (4,195) and 2001, the firm adds, web site defacements have risen sevenfold.

The problems are not just confined to the web sites, as mi2g says it identified that, where site defacement has become public knowledge, in some instances there has been a significant decline in share price, loss of earnings and reputation, as well as a dent in customer confidence.

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