European Centre for Early Warning of Internet Threats (CEWIT)

news alert (excerpt)

London, UK - 3 February 2003, 15:00 GMT - The mi2g Intelligence Unit has identified a clear and present need for a Europe wide Centre for Early Warning of Internet Threats - CEWIT.

CEWIT would play a similar role to a weather centre that European industries and governments could rely on in the event of Internet based storms that threaten to slow down or disrupt ICT infrastructure. Ideally, improved prevention and counter measures could be taken as a result across all industries in Europe.

The CEWIT hub would be a major leap in the EU's capability to achieve real-time visual tracking of the Internet's health. No investment has been made in this area even though substantial parts of the EU economy are dependent on ICT (IT, Communications and Telecoms).

CEWIT is necessary in the 21st century because:

1. The most up-to-date anti-virus tool kits, firewalls and intrusion detection systems do not appear to work satisfactorily when software vulnerabilities have been targeted by malware or hackers;

2. Even though patches may have been applied on the most obvious machines within large networks, there are always hidden software components which do not get patched and succumb to hacker and malware attack with significant collateral damage;

3. When a fast spreading malware or automated tool attack propagates across the global ICT network it may not be possible to prevent the resultant damage and denial of service without battening down the hatches and closing down ports of individual networks for the duration of the critical period.


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