29th February 2000 - London - Recent events have highlighted the vulnerability of even some of the biggest names in the Internet world. First Tuesday (www.firsttuesday.com), Europe's definitive business to business start-up portal for companies in the Internet and new media industries, invites you to attend its next London Networking event looking at the dangers of the Net, and how to avoid them: "The start-up's guide to Net security".

DK Matai, founder of mi2g (www.mi2g.com), will provide a guide to net security designed both for start-up and later stage companies. mi2g is a London based firm specialising in bespoke security architecture, enterprise knowledge management and e-commerce system engineering in Europe and in the US.

Julie Meyer, co-founder of First Tuesday and VP of International Business Development and Marketing said: "In an age when 'e-smurfs' can take out sites as well developed as Yahoo, DK will provide a guide for the issues that companies really should be concerned with, and what they should do to keep those concerns from becoming all-too painful realities."

The evening will provide updates on all major eRisk incidents and eBusiness trends within the interactive world and suggest the way forward.

"First Tuesday is an excellent initiative for budding eBusiness entrepreneurs. We welcome the initiative to see on-line security as a top priority. Whether a company is pre-IPO management or a venture capital house, all need to be prepared for dealing with eBusiness interruptions especially after the attacks on Amazon, eBay, CNN and ZDNet earlier this month", said DK Matai, founder of mi2g.

Date: Tuesday 29th February 2000
Time: From 6 pm
Address: Starts at 7.45 pm

Note to editors:

About First Tuesday: First Tuesday is the start-up's highway to smart money, talent, technology and perspective. www.firsttuesday.com

Geography is irrelevant. First Tuesday cross-fertilises between over 40 cities on four continents with more than 35,000 registered users. More than 10,000 people attend First Tuesday events worldwide monthly, and over 60 cities are waiting 'on the ramps' to get onto the First Tuesday highway.

To be part of the global start-up phenomenon which is First Tuesday, register by city to receive local, automatic announcement information: www.firsttuesday.com Networking events are open to subscribers, who will automatically receive details by email. The format is generally time to network, with a relevant headline speaker addressing the audience.

About mi2g: mi2g is a London based firm specialising in bespoke security architecture, enterprise knowledge management and eCommerce system engineering in Europe and in the US. Most recently mi2g presented on eRisk at Lloyd's of London on 23rd February 2000 in conjunction with Alexander Forbes Risk Services. The audience was also addressed by the Chairman of Lloyd's, Max Taylor, and the British Government eEnvoy, Alex Allen.

mi2g has held several eFora in the City of London and Whitehall in 1998, 1999 and 2000. The events have been attended by over 925 CEOs, Directors, Partners and Government Officials representing 375 North American, European and Asian organisations.

To register to attend, set up interviews or for further information about First Tuesday, please contact:

Claire Thompson, Claire Lake or Narda Shirley
Gnash Communications
Tel: 0171 243 4443

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